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Submitted by John D Anderson

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 11/13/2019 2:58 PM
Family Surname: Mayer
Country: Germany
Town: Fussgonheim
Date of Image: 1812
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I would like to have as complete a translation from French as possible to include any and all individuals named herein. I have several Raphael Mayers, father and son, and need to know if they are the ones in my tree.

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On  Response 
11/14/2019 6:17 AM Marriage record Nr 11
registered December 30th, 1812 10 a.m, by deputy mayor of Ruchheim and Fussgonheim, Mutterstadt area, department of Mont Tonnerre.

Raphaël MAӰER [spelled Raphael MAYER, with English character set], retailer, residing in Fussgonheim, born same place 7 DEC 1791, having reached the age of majority, son of
the late Raphael MAӰER, retailer residing same place when alive, deceased same place in April 1796 as certified by the responsible of Jewish burials in the Wachenheim cemetery,
and Caroline GERSON, present and consenting to the marriage.

Ester VEIL, from Herxheim aux Monts, born there in October 1788, having reached the age of majority, daughter of
Salomon VEIL, retailer, and Sane [ ?] VEIL,
married, residing in Herxheim, both present and consenting to the marriage.

The ages and civil status of the appearing persons are ascertained by the Court of Spire in its 19 NOV 1812 judgment, confirming local acts of Mutterstadt and Durkheim.

13 DEC 1812 and 20 DEC 1812 in
Fussgonheim, and
Herxheim, as certified by the mayor of Weisenheim and Herxheim aux Monts.

Elie HIRSCH, retailer, 70 y.o, groom’s uncle,
Joseph METZGER, butcher, 47 y.o,
Jean KOOB, tinsmith, 60 y.o,
Henri EICHEL, apparitor, 46 y.o,
last three being friends.

Reread and signed by all, except the bride’s mother who declared not being able to write. The groom, the father and mother’s bride, the witnesses Elie HIRSCH and Joseph METZGER signed in Hebrew, not being to do so otherway.
11/14/2019 12:56 PM I think the bride's last name reads 'Veit'. In her signature she spells it Feit.
Her mother is Sare, or in her Hebrew signature Saerche (a diminutive nick name - little Sara)
11/14/2019 1:04 PM the groom Raphael Mayer has not the same name as his father. His father is Me'ir = Mayer, son of Raphael. The order is important.
11/14/2019 11:28 PM
Mont Tonnerre = Donnersberg
Fussgoenheim, the o with an Umlaut : Fussgönheim
11/15/2019 2:58 AM About the Mayer surname / given name, I suggest the following scenario, though I have no precise elements confirming it.

This marriage was celebrated 4 years after the publication of the July 1808 Napoleonic Decree which forced the Jewish citizens of France to have a definitive family surname and to declare it to the mayor within 3 months.

Before 1808, the members of the family had the following names:
- Groom’s grandfather : Raphael [son of] X {X = given name of his father, Mayer is a candidate}
- Groom’s father : Mayer [son of] Raphael
- Groom : Raphael [son of] Mayer {the child received the given name of his grandfather}

Then, the groom or a member of the family (usually, the head of the family) complied the 1808 Decree, chose MAYER as the family surname and asked the mayor to register it in the dedicated book. The family surname applies to the living members and the descendants. If the book survived, it should be detained like the BMD records in the same Archive Center, at Spire I suppose.

In 1812, on occasion of the marriage, the groom’s father is named in the old style format « Mayer [son of] Raphael » and the groom is named in the new style format « Raphael MAYER ».

In the marriage record, the groom’s mother is named Caroline Gerson (or GERSON), and not Caroline MAYER as I expected. The document states she is the mother, widow of « Mayer [son of] Raphael » and no more precisions.

Caroline sounds very French, and I suppose she had a previous given name like Chana, Chaja, … that was changed into Caroline when her family took a definitive family surname. It was usual to change the Hebrew given names, when adopting the family surname.

Maybe she married a man named « Y [son of] Gerson », who took the given name Gerson as his family surname GERSON. Or less probably, she is designated by her old format name in the document.

I hope these considerations help.

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