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Submitted by Selma J Sheridan

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 10/30/2019 4:12 PM
Family Surname: Cynower
Country: Hungary
Town: Budapest
Date of Image: 1898-99
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10/30/2019 9:35 PM 25. Entered 3 Jan 1899, born 27 Dec 1898
Child: Ilona, female
Parents: Chaje Ciril Bauchmann, born in Potok-Złoty, Galicia, Jewish, age 34, res. Budapest VII. Nagydiófa street 18
Pre-signature remarks: Per the official certificate shown, the mother is an Austrian citizen, with residency in Galicia, Buczacz district, Potok-Złoty municipality.
Janka Fuchs informant, VII. Wesselényi street 36.
Remarks, corrections: The child was legitimized by the mother's marriage to the natural father Dávid Cynower, Jewish, age 46, resident of Budapest, on 10 September 1911 in Budapest (VIII. district). The father was about 36 years old at the time of the child's birth. The father and mother are Austrian citizens with residency in Potok-Zloty municipality (Galicia). (Interior Ministry number 165145/1913.) 6 Dec. 1913, András Kovácsy assistant registrar.

Referenced marriage:
FamilySearch - Hungary Civil Registrations - Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun - Budapest VIII - Marriages 1911 Jul - Image 82 of 285

1140. Budapest, 10 Sep 1911
Groom: Dávid Cynower, used-goods dealer, Jewish, exact birthdate could not be determined, about 46 years old, res. Budapest VIII Magdolna street 43
Parents: Matis Cynower, the late Frudyl Cynower
Bride: Chaje Ciril Bauchmann, Jewish, exact birthdate could not be determined, about 47 years old, res. Budapest VIII. Magdolna street 43
Parents: the late Izsák Bar Bauchmann, the late Dina Bauchmann
Witnesses: Simon Grundleger, Budapest VIII Magdolna street 43, Jakab Goldstein, Budapest VIII Magdolna street 43
Pre-signature remarks: the groom and bride are Austrian citizens with residency in Potosz Zloty municipality (Galicia).
Remarks, corrections: the parenthetical "sk" in the current column is unnecessary according to the original, I have stricken it.

Marriage of Ilona's sister:
HCR - PPSKK - BP VIII - Marriages 1929 May - Image 101 of 115

774. Budapest, 7 Jul 1929
Groom: Lipót Ritter, private clerk, Jewish, born Budapest, 20 Dec 1894, res. Budapest VIII Kun street 7
Parents: Mór Ritter, Róza Pollak
Bride: Anna Cynower, Jewish, born Budapest, 15 Sep 1901, res. Budapest VIII Teleki square 7
Parents: Dávid Cynower, the late Chaje Bauchmann
Witnesses: László Faragó, Budapest VIII Kun street 7, Ferenc Pick, Budapest VI Ede Paulay street 39
11/5/2019 10:14 AM DATE of registration: 3 January 1899
Data of birth: 27 december 1898
The name of the girl: Ilona
Parents: Mother name : Bauchmann Chaje Aril {? Ariel}
mather`s birthplace: Patok-Zloty Gacsorszag
address: Budapest 7-th cartier
Nagydiofa str. 18
religion: jew
age : 34
the birth occured in the mother`s residence
11/5/2019 7:46 PM Hello Selma,

1) The mother's name is definitely Chaje Ciril Bauchmann. (The pronunciation sound would be very similar to Chaye Tziril.)

2) The address is 18 Nagydiofa St. in Budapest. That address was in the 7th District.


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