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Submitted by Cory Streisinger

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 9/18/2019 3:54 PM
Family Surname: Lowenstam
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This is a closer view of the inscription beneath the portrait of R. Aryeh Lieb Lowenstam (see prior image). Sorry it’s still not very clear. I would appreciate a translation.

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9/18/2019 10:51 PM Don't think the following is 100% right, but it is a good start. This is a play on many verses in Tanach.
כי בו בחר ה' ויאמר יהוה קום משחהו: וכי לא ראיתם כל תמונתו וראיתם אותו אפס קצהו
שמו נודע לברכה: בקרב עיר נאמנה
Can't read this line
ושאול לכד המלוכה: בן ל"ח שנה
לבתר אביו וכה: וכתר שם טוב קנה
בשנת ויבן לו בית לפ"ק
בחדושי תורה והלכה: בניו ארי??
עיניו תחזינה כה: עיר הקודש בבנינה
נעשה בשנה איש חכם לב אשר נתן ה' חכמה ותבונה לפ"ק
Will try to translate this tomorrow and add cites to the verses tomorrow if no one beats me to it. You can also plug this into Google Translate. There are two years mentioned here. ויבן לו בית, which equals 5516 = 1756 and חכמה ותבונה, which equals 5542 = 1782
9/19/2019 10:25 PM הראיתם You showed them
כי בו בחר ה' Deuteronomy 18:15: For the L-rd has chosen him
ויאמר קום משחהו I Samuel 16:12: And He [the L-rd] said, "Arise, anoint him"
וכי לא ראיתם כל תמונתוDeuteronomy 4:15: for you did not see any image
וראיתם אותו אפס קצהו Numbers 23:13: however, you will see only a part of him
שמו נודע לברכהHis name became a blessing
בקרב עיר נאמנה In the midst of a loyal city
Can't read this line
ושאול לכד המלוכה I Samuel 14:47: And Saul took the kingdom
בן ל"ח שנה 38 years old
לבתר אביו וכה He merited to follow his father’s
וכתר שם טוב קנה Avot 4:13: And he acquired the crown of a good name
בשנת ויבן לו בית לפ"ק In the year “and built himself a house” (Genesis 33:17) (which in Hebrew adds up to 516, or the year 5516)
בחדושי תורה והלכה In Torah novellae and halacha
בניו ארי ?? His son Ari
עיניו תחזינה כה Hi eyes will see this
עיר הקודש בבנינה The Holy City is its rebuilding
נעשה בשנה איש חכם לב אשר נתן ה' חכמה ותבונה לפ"קMade in the year “a wise hearted man into whom G-d had imbued wisdom and insight” (Exodous 36:1) (which in Hebrew adds up to 542, or the year 5542)

There is an acrostic buried in all this that spells out “Saul”
9/21/2019 8:38 PM Based on this inscription I would think the picture is of Saul and not his father.
9/23/2019 7:28 AM This is the portrait of Rabbi Saul the son of Rabbi Aryeh Leib. It even includes the name of Rabbi Saul's book on Halacha "Binyan Ariel" (this seems to have confused some translators) that was published in 1778. See where he even explains that the Name of the book Binyan Ariel is based on "Ben Aryeh" - the son of Aryeh. The year 1756 that was mentioned, was the year that he became the Rabbi of Amsterdam. His father who was the previous rabbi of Amsterdam passed away on April 2, 1755, and he succeeded his father and became the Rabbi in the following year. The second date 1782 is the date of the portrait when he was 65 years old.

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