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Submitted by Sinai Lawrence Putter

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 8/14/2019 3:29 PM
Family Surname: CUKERMAN
Country: Poland
Town: Biala Podlaska or Ostrow
Date of Image: 1892
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I would appreciate an English translation of the Russian text of the 1892 birth record for Avrum Szlema CUKERMAN, Akta 115. I would like a translation of all the genealogically significant information, especially his date of birth and place of birth, the town in which the recording took place (as stated in the record) and the names, ages and birth places of his parents. I am particularly interested in the maiden name of the mother.

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On  Response 
8/16/2019 3:40 PM The handwriting is horrendous! I'm unable to read the town, but it does say "here", as in the same town where the record is being taken.

# 115 Avroom-Shlema Tsukerman
June 1 1892 10 AM resident of posad (village) Ostrov ( of Vlodavskiy uezd, Hil Ryven Tsukerman, 20 y.o.
child born here in city ??? 18 June 1889 from his wife Mnicha (nee Shaynberg) 19 y.o.

First name of mother is likely Mnicha, but again, the handwritting makes it really hard to read. A couple of letters in the middle of mother's last name are hard to read, but the first 2 letters (ShA) and the last 4 (BERG).
Other details that I skipped are names/ages of witnesses.
I do not see birth place information for either of the child's parents or grandparents names.
The first letter in last name Ц is pronounced the same way as zz in pizza. In Polish the same sounds is likely written with letter C. Tsukerman/Zukerman from tsuker in Polish/Ukrainian and zuker in German is sugar.
8/19/2019 7:06 AM I can only add posad Ostrow is in Wlodowa area (stated in document), and the witnesses are Szmul PIWO, szkolnik, 83 and Jankiel PIWO, 50
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