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Submitted by Joyce Eastman

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 6/18/2019 7:12 PM
Family Surname: HONIG/WILDER
Country: Germany
Town: Cassel
Date of Image: 1915
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I am seeking a full translation of this Old German script document, concerning the death of Jakob HONIG in 1915, who I believe to be the son of Abraham Joseph HONIG and Scheindel WILDER, born in Brody, Poland.

I believe that Jakob HONIG is a previously unknown brother of my grandfather, Salomon Wolf WILDER.

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On  Response 
6/18/2019 11:19 PM Nr 68
Kassel January 12, 1915
Before the undersigned employee of the civil record did attend today the person, known by his official passport, the dental technic Joseph Hönig [Hoenig] residing in Kassel, Mittelgasse 13 and declared that the merchant Jakob [------] Hönig, 43 years old, of mosaic religion, residing in Kassel Mittelgasse 13, born in Broij in Galicia, married with Anna Debora , born Briefwechsler,
son of the late merchant Abraham Joseph Hönig, lately having resided in Brodij and his wife Scheindl, born Wilder, residing in Brodij, deceased in Kassel in the Mittelgasse 13, on January eleven, 1915, in the afternoon at four o’clock in the presence of the declarer.
Read, approved and signed. Joseph Hönig
The employee of the civil record by procuration.

6/20/2019 2:25 AM I think Jakob's middle name is Michael.
It says: ... und zeigte an, daß der handelsmann Jakob Michael Hönig 43 Jahre alt wohnhaft in Cassel Mittelgasse 13, ...
6/20/2019 7:55 PM I believe the proper spelling is Kassel with a "K"
6/21/2019 8:34 AM Hello Joyce,

- on the form it says 'Cassel' - the correct spelling then, nowadays Kassel
- Jakob Michael Hönig (o-Umlaut) was born in 'Brody', Galicia
- Broij and Brodij in answer 1 must be transcribed correctly as "Brody" - it was common then to put two dots on the 'y'

Regards from Germany, Corinna
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