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Submitted by David John Lichtenstein

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 6/2/2019 4:28 PM
Family Surname: Lichtenstein and Rauscher
Country: Germany
Town: Voerde
Date of Image: 23 March 1918
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This is the second page of a two page document showing the marriage of my paternal Grandfather Friedrich Lichtenstein to my paternal Grandmother Susanna (nee Rauscher). I would really appreciate the complete German-English translation of the whole document. I also suspect that the marriage took place in a civil registry office. I would like confirmation of that and if correct the location of that office as I intend to visit the town and the place of marriage. Many thanks in advance.

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On  Response 
6/2/2019 11:54 PM Hello,
Have you posted the first page? If yes, please tell me the VM number, and I will take a look. That page would give the location information. However, I need to point out that records would not necessarily be kept at the same place, but more likely in a central location for the district, if they still exist at all. When I was searching for records, I was sent (via email) from town to town, until I was able to reach the correct archivists.
That being said: The second page of the marriage documents usually contained the names of witnesses, and the signatures of everyone involved. This is what it says:

As witnesses were brought in and appeared:

3. The community foreman Heinrich Neukaeter, known [to the Registrar], 40 years old, residing in Voerde,

4. The administrative assistant Hermann Lemm, known, 24 years old, residing in Voerde.

The Registrar directed this question at the engaged couple, singly and one after the other:
whether they want to marry each other.

The engaged couple answered this question in the affirmative, and upon this the Registrar declared that henceforth, by virtue of the civil code, they are a legally married couple.

Read aloud, approved, and signed

Friedrich Lichtenstein
Susanna Lichtenstein nee Rauscher
Heinrich Neukaeter
Hermann Lemm

The Registrar
(illegible signature)
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