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ViewMate Posting VM 73099

Submitted by Denise Azbill

Information Picture Question
Category: Photo Identification
Approval Date: 5/5/2019 4:26 PM
Family Surname: Blank/Lerner
Country: Romania
Town: Briceni
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Hello. I am interested in knowing when this picture may have been taken and where, and when this type of clothing was in style. I would also like to know if the father's clothing signified anything. Thank you!

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On  Response 
5/5/2019 9:44 PM Hello Denise,

Based on my observations and educated opinion.....

The elderly man and woman are wearing clothing that would indicate that they are probably religiously observant/Orthodox. In particular, the woman is wearing a babushka type of head covering, long skirt and long sleeves on her jacket. The man is wearing a head covering that appears to be of an orthodox type, while he is wearing a long coat which appears religious in nature. Also, his beard seems to be grown out naturally rather than closely trimmed.

By observation alone, I would think that this is an Orthodox religious couple with two grown daughters who are nicely dressed in a more fashionable look, but covered up as appropriate for observant Jewish young women....Jo
5/6/2019 5:58 AM Referring to the post on JewishGen, I doubt it is possible to place the group in Romania or Russia. The dresses are “typical”. The decorative piece (woman on the right) with three circles may be a clue to the time period. The general state of deterioration of the photo places it in the 1890's. On the other hand, if the print was poorly washed after fixer, it could be from the 1900's-1910's.
Boris Feldblyum
5/6/2019 6:01 AM Hi Denise, it looks you did not copy the whole photo. Is it not anyone standing on the right side? It should be someone else on the photo. Usually such photos has a logo of a photographer who did this. It may be also on a back side of the photo. Also is it any writings on the back side? I suggest you to investigate the back side of the photo.

Yefim Kogan

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