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Submitted by Philip Ross

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 4/24/2019 3:42 PM
Family Surname: Ichel / Rosenbluth
Country: Poland
Town: Dukla
Date of Image: 1920s
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I am hoping that someone can help translate a gravestone inscription – which may be for my grandmother. I am especially interested in whether the date (particularly the year) of this person’s death can be made out; whether the stone says 5680 [1920], 5682 [1922] or some other year. (Two people have separately told me that it says 1920, while two others have separately said 1922. One of those years matches my grandmother’s death, while the other does not.)

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4/24/2019 6:57 PM Hello,

The Hebrew year, as engraved, contains 4 letters. (The thousands' digit is understood to be a 5, and does not appear.)

The first letter (reading right to left) is the letter "Taf", which has the numerical value of 400.

The second letter is "Resh", which has the numerical value of 200.

Adding these together gives 600; in other words the year is 56__.

The next letter represents the tens. This is the letter which gives me the most pause, due to the erosion. There are several Hebrew letters which this could potentially be: a 'kaf', which has the numerical value of 20, a 'samech', which has the numerical value of 60, or a 'pay', which has the numerical value of 80.

The last letter represents the ones. It is a "Bet", whose numerical value is 2.

To answer part of your question: There is most assuredly a 'ones' digit, representing the number 2. Thus, the Hebrew year definitely does not end in a 0; it ends in a 2.

Thus, the Hebrew year is one of these: 5622, 5662, or 5682. (It cannot be 5680, as I've explained).

You wrote that one of the two years, 5680 or 5682, matches the year of your grandmother's death. Assuming that you are absolutely sure of the year, I can tell you that if she died in 1920, this is not her grave. If she died in 1922, it might be. The Hebrew month is Shevat; the date might be the 25th or the 28th. If you know the month of her death, Shevat usually overlaps with February, but can also overlap with January or March.

If she died in 1922, I'll be glad to let you know the range of secular dates which might apply here. I'll also gladly email you an image of the stone, highlighting the parts in question, so that what I've written might be made clearer.

4/25/2019 5:10 AM Dear,

This is the stone of Mrs Sara Etel (Atal) daughter of Meier.
she die on 28 of the month Shwat in the year 692 (5 Februar 1932)

If you copy the picture to a good photo program and you enlargement the picture you see
directly that the year that she die is not 682 (1922) but the year 692 (1932)

The Hebrew leters of the year are: Taf - Reish - Zadik - Beith ( and not Taf-Reish -Phe-Beith).

Best regards

Ury Link
4/25/2019 5:27 AM Sarah Etil daughter of Meir died 28 Shevat 5692

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