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Submitted by Phillip Stephen Schulz

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 4/7/2019 3:57 PM
Family Surname: Moskovits/Moskovics/Moskowitz
Country: Slovakia
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Need help with Yiddish, German, Hebrew and Hungarian translation.
I would like to know what the dates, personal names and places are in reference to, along with a translation of the entire notes. These were notes passed down through several generations. (Elsie, Regina).

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4/7/2019 4:48 PM Hello Phillip,

Just some bits and pieces I can try to decipher and translate for you, and in some cases I'm taking an educated guess. I also cannot connect these together for you.

Right side -
1) Regina is born on May 6, 1903
2) the District Registry of Buzutan (Buttos Lepsi)
3) The baby girl with the Hebrew name Rifka was born on (?) date of the Hebrew month of Sivan
4) Reb M. Tzvi
5) mother, (possibly) Chana Moskovitz

Left side -
1) In the month of April 1902. (Date possibly the 4th)
2) Erno Moskovits in Buttos (this is a male)
3) Moskovits
4) Registry of Buzita/Buzika/Buzida in (?) County

As a suggestion, you can use the Town Finder with the "Sounds Like"/Soundex option to get the correct spelling of the town. This should also give you the name of the county.

4/8/2019 7:56 AM Right side, in German:
MY daughter Regina...

In Hebrew:
The girl Rivka was born on the beginning of the month of June on the the second day of "Rosh Khodesh" and her name in Israel was called Rivka daughter of Reb M. Tzvi Moshkowitz her mother Khaya Moshkowitz.

'her name is Israel was called' is a standard expression for "she was given the name of"; traditionally names were called out in public in the synagogue.

When a month has 30 days, the last day is considered the first of the next month's "beginning of the month" (i.e. Rosh Khodesh) and the 1st of the next month is the second day of the "beginning of the month". Rivka was born on the 1st of the month of Sivan.

The left side, in German, mentions "my son". He also mention the Mohel who was R' Menakhem Fuks, and the quatter [person handing the infant to the Mohel] whose name was ---- [I can't make it out]. The Hebrew date - the be it the 26th day of or the first (not clear which) Adar 5661 - does not correspond to the secular date, neither in year (1901) nor in day. Nor does it correspond in 1902 if we were to assume the year was actually 5662.
As far as I can make it out - the Hebrew name spells out somehting lin "Erich" or "Enoch" son of Reb M. Tzvi Moshkowitz his mother Khaya Moshkowitz.

4/8/2019 3:26 PM I've indicated Hebrew with [...].

In the year 1902 in the month of April on the 4th ?? early was born my son Ernő Moskovits in Büttös
?uka [??] [...]
B.. [??] [...]
Glük from Kr. Wajda midwife Metzka Juli
register Buzita Abauj county

My daughter Regina was born in the year 1903 on the 6th of May midwife Metchka Julis-wife[?] in Büttös Sepsi district register in Buzita

Abaúj-Torna county
Büttös: RC, Ref Krasznyik-Vajda, GC Kány, Izr Szepsi; civil registration Szemere; now Büttös, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county

Buzita: RC Buzita, GC Kány, Ref Reste, Izr Nagy-Ida; civ Buzita; now Buzica, Slovakia

Vajda or Krasznyik-Vajda: RC, Ref Vajda, GC Kány, Izr Szepsi; civ Gagybátor; now Krasznokvajda, B-A-Z county

Szepsi: RC, Ref, and Izr Szepsi, GC Szeszta; civ Szepsi; now Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia
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