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Submitted by Sally Vetstein

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 4/3/2019 3:58 PM
Family Surname: Schram
Country: Germany
Town: Altona Hamburg
Date of Image: 1920
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This is death certificate of Rosa Schram infant. Am looking for as complete a translation as possible especially name of the person presenting the event which looks like Jeannette Grischof?

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4/3/2019 5:46 PM 72728

Here are the relevant details from this sad death certificate:

Dated January 28th, 1920.

The person reporting the death to the Registrar was a housewife named Jeanette Grischof. Her relationship to the deceased -- if there was any -- is not mentioned.

The place where the death took place, and was reported and registered, was Hamburg;, the family and the person reporting the death lived in Altona, which is a borough of Hamburg.

The deceased was named Rosa Schramm, 3 months 16 days old, Jewish.

She was born on October 12, 1919.

Her father was Majer Schramm. He was a trader of some sort. If you’d really like to know his exact occupation, I will try to decipher it. It is not clear to me at an initial reading.

Her mother was deceased. Her maiden name had been Brand. Her first name is hard to make out; it is a 6-letter name ending in ‘tel’; it looks something like “Cartel". (You can see it as the second word on the line above where is written ‘Brand’.

The baby died in Hamburg, in the general hospital, on January 27th, 1920, at around 2:00 in the morning.

Jeanette Grischof and the Registrar signed.

There is an additional section at the bottom, stating that the information matches that in the main Register; this section was signed by a different Registrar.
4/4/2019 2:59 AM Hello Sally,

sometimes it is easier to first transcribe the handwritten text and then translate:
Nr. 62
28. Januar 1920
durch Anmeldeschein anerkannt
die Haushälterin Jeannette
Altona Lerchenstraße 65 7 I (Nr 65 House 7 1st floor)
Rosa Schram
3 Monate 16 Tage alt, mosaischer Religion
Altona daselbst beim Vater
Altona am 12. Oktober 1919
Tochter des Produktenhändlers Majer
Schram und seiner verstorbenen
Ehefrau Curtel geborenen
im Israelitischen Krankenhause
am sieben und zwanzigsten Januar
vormittags um zwei Uhr
... wie die Anzeigende aus
eigener Wissenschaft bezeuge

The child died in the Israelite hospital in Hamburg - the same place where her mother Curtel died - Curtel is quite an unusual name.

The father is a sort of tradesman - Produktenhändler


I looked up the Death Certificate of the child's mother Curtel manually (looking through the death certificates in the same district) - which can't be found via global search
# 631 HH 02a on 23.10.1919

Here the death is reported by the "Geschäftstreibende" (a man doing business)!
Curtel was born in Tarnow in Österreich (Austria) 5. May 1881 as a daughter of the unmarried Lea Brand, later married Fischel without a profession, living in Scharnow.
He couldn't write so he signed with three crosses


Regards from Germany, Corinna

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