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Submitted by Lori Stein

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 3/3/2019 3:37 PM
Family Surname: Berliant
Country: Russia
Town: Ekaterinislav
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This is a letter sent to my great-grandfather, Aron Berliant, after he had been living in the US.
There are 4 additional pages (2 pages in this image).

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On  Response 
3/4/2019 9:04 PM It is upside down. After you turn it around the right page will be the beginning of the letter. The left page should be after some other page. The writing is a bit strange because handwriting looks very confident and fluent but the sentences sometimes are not coherent and difficult to make a sense of. While the general idea is clear, the details are sometimes difficult to grasp. I will try posting some translation later.

3/4/2019 11:14 PM Page 1

Kujbyshev, November 30, 1943

Dear brother Aron and my dear nieces Anya, Clara, Majra (?), and Arving (?) with little son Richard (?). I want to congratulate you all from the bottom of my heart as with a grandson as well as you with a son. Most of all I was glad ...your happiness ... accept from me...
Besides having found out that you are all alive and healthy, this made me even more happy because I will now be able to hear about you and your life over there more frequently, if I am not mistaken there will be soon 3 years since we, my dear brother, haven't heard from each other. So much time has passed, now I

Page 2

want to tell you about my personal life. After that I will write a little bit about others, in January 44 there will be 2 years since I am in Kujbyshev, i.e. I am alone, working at a factory, Ljuba with children and her two sisters are far away from me, in the Novosibirsk oblast. It's a 3rd year since I've been living lonely. But soon I will have my family again by my side, as I called for them and in near future they should come, probably around 15th of December. And then my lonely life will end. Frankly, it's been very difficult for me to be alone. And it is not easy for Ljuba with two children either. I've decided lately to call for them, so I did and now it is left for me to wait(?) for their

Page 3

arrival. My flat in Moscow is fine, my brother-in-law remained in the same building where he received your letter to me and send it to me, otherwise I wouldn't know that there was a letter from you. I maintain correspondence with everyone, Lisa(?) and Grisha(?) and children remained in Moscow, all are alive and healthy, I am receiving letters from them. Yasha, Zosja are now in Kazakhstan, and the daughter recently moved to Moscow. David, Sonya, and children were in Uzbekistan but for the last two months I haven't received any letters, they were supposed to go to Basja(?), she made an invitation (possibly for immigration) for them but Sonya's brother invited them to Moscow, so I don't know whether they went to Moscow or are at the place (possibly code word for immigrated) but there are no news so far.

Page 4

Otherwise there are no other news worth mentioning, hoping that soon we will be all together again. When Lusja(?) with Gosha(?) arrive I will of course let you know. And I am hoping we will be again writing to each other as we used to, I am surprised that there haven't been a letter from you for so long. Now I am going to ask you dear that you write to me in detail how you are doing, how's your health, and how are your eyes now. How's Anya doing? And where does Clara work? How is Majra feeling and Arvin(?)? And the son Richard? Stay all healthy for to hear only the good news. Big kisses to you all and my best wishes
Your brother and uncle Isaak(?) My address is on the other side(?)

Page 5

The address I have translated separately.

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