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Submitted by Omri Arnon

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 2/27/2019 3:56 PM
Family Surname: Reinitz
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Hranice
Date of Image: 1817
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in the image on the right side you can see the name (signature?) of Peter Reinitz with the date and the place Canischa (Nagykanizsa). this is most probably my GGGGF and part of a long and detailed description of a transaction of a house in Hranice. it seems that at the time Peter was living in Bonyhad and his family in Nagykanizsa. Please translate any details relating to Peter and his life circumstances in this page. this will be very much appreciated.

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On  Response 
3/4/2019 1:48 AM it is difficult to understand such texts without sufficient knowledge in law and commerce of those days, and knowledge about the parallel terms in other languages. google says a "Wechsel" is a 'bill of exchange' and I hope this is a known term.

both sides in this image (and the previous and following pages) seem to deal with the sale of a house which was inherited together by Peter Reinitz and his two sisters Susana and Anna from their father Jacob Reinitz, but the sisters were underage. After Peter R. deceased the house, or parts of it, seems to be sold to Moses Kafka. Two 'bills of exchange' in favor of the sisters[?], one dated Bonyhard 8 Feb 1813 about 4000fr. and the second dated 10 Aug 1814 about 3400fr. (but the total amount is given as 7200fr.??) and a mortage of 200fr.WW in favor of Katharina Wolf are mentioned. The document on the left, dated Weiskirchen 27 Oct 1818 seems to allow Moses Kafka to continue with the registration of the house in his name, as the rights of the orphan sisters are taken care of by the Jewish community of Weiskirchen.

the major part of the right page from the top, dated Kanisa 20 Jun 1817 and signed by Peter Reinitz, is a copy of a document he addressed to the legal administration of Weiskirchen, in which he states, that those 'bills of exchange', which Moses Kafka had registered in his favor in the land registry, where only to secure the inheritance of his sisters, since he as the oldest son was registered as heir, but he had moved to Bonyhard. Susana remained in Weiskirchen, but Anna was raised in his family in Bonyhard. As long as the house is registered in his (Peter's) name, the heritage of the sisters is secured, and no need for him to pay the money. If both sisters (or their guardians) should agree to sell the house, the sisters have the right to 7200fr. but the registration of the bills on the house and the synagogue seat in favor of Moses Kafka has to be deleted.

If I understand it right, Peter died between June 1817 and Oct 1818.

the bottom part of the right page (No.2) starts as a declaration of Peter Reinitz's sons Hirschl Kampner and Markus Adler, living in Bonyhard in respect of the Jakob Israel Reinitz heritage (their grandfather). [it sounds like they agree to the sale, but not sure, as the text continues on following pages]

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