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Submitted by Milton J Koch

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 2/10/2019 3:44 PM
Family Surname: Nussbaum
Country: Luxembourg
Date of Image: 1929
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I would like a complete translation of the Hebrew content of this gravestone. Thank you. Milton Koch

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2/10/2019 4:56 PM This is a beautiful stone, but is quite a challenge because of the large amount of text and especially because of the angle.

I will do my best. Another photograph, taken from a less sharp angle, would be helpful.

First of all, his Hebrew name is given on the line directly above his English name; it was ELYAKIM GETZIL.

The Hebrew letters of his name, singly and sometimes in pairs, begin some of the lines of praise written about him. If you’d like, I’ll be glad to email you a snip with these letters highlighted.

The lines of praise are in the form of a poem; most of the lines rhyme.

Here is my best attempt at a translation:

The two letters on the first line are an acronym for the Hebrew words that translate to "here lies".

A precious soul, a pleasant spirit
is placed to rest beneath of all this.

He was called to G-d because the distress was great.
A precious living creature went down to the grave.

The name that he left among the living is most beautiful.
He was also pleasing to living creatures, and also to Heaven.
Therefore all are singing his praises.
His justice and honesty are known to those far and near.
His name will be remembered forever and we will praise him
According to his great value and his good deeds.

Is he not

The precious and the honored, fearful of the commandments and observant of the faith,
Known and praised by all of the members of his community.

He died in the prime of his life.

Reb Elyakim Getzil

(The above is followed by his German name, by his birth date – ‘Geb[oren]’ – and by his date of death – ‘Gest[orben]’).

The next line is his Jewish date of death:

His soul left him on the 15th of Adar II 5689.

The five letters on the last line are an acronym for the phrase that translates as "May his soul be bound up in the bond of life".

Note that the “Reb” before his Hebrew name is an honorific; it does not mean Rabbi.

The 15th of Adar II of the year 5689 precisely corresponds to March 27th, 1929.

(Standard Hebrew years end in a month called Adar. Hebrew leap years have 13 months; the last two of these are called Adar I and Adar II.)
2/11/2019 2:06 PM the text is an acrostic, constructed to spell out his name, elyaqim gesil, as the first letters of each pious verse. it's a little unusual, because it uses the first 2 letters of each line, not just 1.

the lines immediately before his name,
"the dear and the respected, mitzvah fearing and keeper of faith,
known and praised by the members of his congregation", are interesting. perhaps he was a rabbi? and "died in the fullness of his days", i.e. in the prime of life, is also useful.
2/12/2019 9:24 AM Hello Milton,
here is an almost literal translation. line for line. I put a period where each line ends.

Here lies.
A precious soul/ sweet spirit.
Under this mound (heb. gal?) he is hidden.
To God he was called/ the sorrow is great.
A dear soul was he/ descended into the grave.
Very beautiful is the name that he left (for himself) among the living.
Both to his fellow man was he beloved/ and also to heaven.
Therefore all praise his memory.
his righteousness and straightfowardness is known to all far and near.
May his name be always remembered and lauded.
according to his great worth and many good deeds.
He is.
the dear, honored, fearful of Gods commandments and religous man.
Famed and praised in the mouths of the members of his congregation.
died in the prime of his youth.
R' Elyakim Getzel.
Gustav Nussbaum.
born Aug 28 1869.
died March 27, 1929.
his soul departed on the 15th day of the month Adar sheni (in the hebrew year) 5689.
(acronym)= May his soul be bound up in the eternal bond of Life.

p.s. the hebrew date is actually the second day of the festival of Purim

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