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Submitted by Roberta Ann Jaffer

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 1/27/2019 6:20 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Moldova
Town: Calarasi
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I would like a translation of any or all of the highlighted locations.

Thank you

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1/28/2019 2:15 PM 1. Animal/Cattle market (grey area upper right)
2. Nishkaner Street (vertical street upper right - to the right of the Animal market)
3. Yisroel Schwartz's Lik (vertical street lower right) [the meaning of the word Lik is unknown to me]
4. Potshowa Street (horizontal street upper right)
5. Paszarna Street (continuation of Potshowa Street to the left)
6. Itzik Aron's Lik (center vertical street parallel to Yisroel Schwartz's Lik)
7. Kopriansky's Lik (center vertical street to the left of Itzik Aron's Lik)
8. Yosel Itzik's Lik (vertical street below Kopriansky's Lik)
9. Comisionirske Street (horizontal street between Kopriansky's Lik and Yosel Itzik's Lik)
10. Mostovia Street (upper horizontal street)
11. Brimele's Lik (vertical street passing the train tracks towards the pond)
12. The Proyezd (marked on the vertical street between the train tracks and the pond) [the meaning is unknown to me]
13. Vegetable market (the wide street on the left below Mostovia Street)
14, 15 & 16. To the Kalarash [Calarasi] village (3 left streets pointing out of the map)

If you have a hard time placing my information, I can send them to you by email, marked on the map.
4/29/2020 3:04 PM I'm happy I found the translation for the word lik (ליק).

According to it means: alley, lane or passageway.

I had some ancestors in Calarasi.

If you have an idea where I can find documentation of their asking permission, visa or passport application etc. before leaving to Israel (Palestine) I would appreciate it.

Good luck!
4/30/2020 3:18 AM In Hebrew it should mean: סימטה, מבוא

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