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ViewMate Posting VM 70779

Submitted by Madeleine Isenberg

Information Picture Question
Category: Photo Identification
Approval Date: 12/26/2018 3:49 PM
Family Surname: GOLDSTEIN
Country: Slovakia
Town: Bratislava
Date of Image: 1902
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Last Year this photo was submitted (img ID 62812) by another person to identify the yeshiva students in 1902 at the Pressburg Yeshiva. His ancestor was a FRANKL. This time, I believe I recognized my grandfather, Leopold GOLDSTEIN, as the person next to the one circled in 62812. Does anyone know of other rabbinical students who might have been there at the same time and are possibly in the photo?

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On  Response 
12/27/2018 6:30 AM There is actually a chance the other people can be identified. There are 25 people in the photo, which means that there were at least 25 copies of the photo in existence.

I would search for similar images at and also on which most often produces different results from google.

The photo can also be cropped to create separate image files for each face and run them through Google and Yandex.

I have also heard that uses a facial recognition software of some kind. Presumably, if you keep your family tree on their web site, including photographs, it will notify you if the software identifies a similarly looking person in another family tree.

Boris Feldblyum
12/27/2018 10:29 AM A list of the students in 5,672 (Rosh yeshiva was R'Simcha Bunem Sofer "Shevet Sofer") can be found in the book "Hacham Sofer Vetalmidav.
6/12/2022 2:08 AM My great-great-grandfather, Yechiel Michel Zev Horowitz was a rabbi in Jerusalem who passed away in 1940. His son, Chaim Yakov studied in Pressburg before passing away in 1908 at the age of 23. He is buried in Miran, Italy. I wonder if you were able to identify any of the students in this image.

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