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Submitted by Barrie Lynn Karp, PhD

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 3/17/2019 4:41 PM
Family Surname: WEISZ
Country: Hungary
Town: Munkacs
Date of Image: 1892
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Please translate all, line 113, for birth of Samuel Weisz. Is this sibling of my grandfather, Abraham Isaac Weiss, 1887-1969? his record has been on ViewMate too. Thank you.

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3/17/2019 8:08 PM Hello Barrie,

1892 Birth Registry

Samuel, boy, born on December 1, illegitimate

Father - Hers Weisz, dayworker, from Egreskei???

Mother - Weisz Chaje from Klacsano

Birth - in Ormod/Breszto
Midwife - Cil Spiegel
Circumcizor - Mihaly Weisz (from) Repede
Date of Circumcision - on the 12th (assume December)
Koma - (the male honored with holding the baby boy during the circumcision: Chajem Weisz from Tornos

***About the notation of illegitimacy...that may or may not be the case. The mother and father both had the same surname, which might point to their being married. In many instances Jewish couples were married by Jewish law and a rabbi, however, these marriage did not always qualify as legal in civil jurisdictions. The more important one to Jews in Europe in those days was the sanctification according to Jewish law.

You might want to check this out further (if feel it necessary) on other documents, etc. Was this the only child of the union? Or, were there other siblings. If so, that might indicate a solid family unit....Jo

3/18/2019 1:22 PM Hello Barry,

Birth town is Ormod (ukr: Brestiv), father's birth town is Egreske (ukr: Vilkhovytsia), mother's Klacsano (ukr: Klyachanovo)

Don't there seem to be two sets of birth places: the other set is Skole and Szidorfalva (Hrabovo). These have nothing to do with each other.

Consider that there may be two similar families.
3/18/2019 2:55 PM 1892
113. Sámuel, December 1, male, illegitimate
Father: Hers Weisz, day-laborer, born in Egreske
Mother: Chaje Weisz, Klacsanó
Residence: Ormod (Bresztó)
Midwife: Cili Spiegel
Circumciser: Mihály Weisz, Repede
Date of circumcision: 8th December
Sponsor/witness: Chajem Weisz in Fornos

As Jo says, the tick mark in the "illegitimate" column may be a mistake; notice there's no mark at all for the next child.

Egreske: the cadastral map (1865) clearly shows this north and a little east of Repede, but the main labels are all in Cyrillic, which I don't know at all. There's no sign of the place in the Hungarian gazetteers after about 1882. (See
Klacsanó: Kliachanove, Ukraine
Ormód (old name Nagy-Bresztó): Brestiv, Ukraine
Repede: Bystrytsia, Ukraine
Fornos: Liskove, Ukraine

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