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Submitted by Barrie Lynn Karp, PhD

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 3/17/2019 4:40 PM
Family Surname: Weisz
Country: Hungary
Town: Munkacs
Date of Image: 1889
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QUESTION 1: Please translate every detail to English, line 22.

QUESTION 2: Could someone listed as born in Hungary, 1889, named Sali, be same person named Sade on passenger list to NYC [ARRIVAL in NYC: Sadie Weiss, Jul 11, 1905. Rotterdam, Holland 0020. dob on this Ellis Island search: Age 19. Ship: Rijndam. Last Residence: Zombor.] (definitely my person?, my maternal grandfather's sister; I seek her birth record), & called herself Sadie for the rest of her long life? SALI = SADE = SADIE? (birth listing from book 84? or 86?, page 67, line 22, Mukachevo.
Transcarpathia Metric books of the synagogue until 1895
posted by Daniel | category VitalRecords

These include from Fond 1606, op. 16, Jews in Mukachevo: [?]

FYI her US 20th c. documents list her dob as 17 Dec 1886 in "Ungar", where she also wrote her parents' names on her 1908 NYC marriage record: Hery & Chaje Weiss.

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On  Response 
3/18/2019 1:46 AM Sali | Febr | 25 | father Herman Weisz born at Skole ( dayworker | mother Hani Eisler born at ( | parents lived at Szidorfalva | Leib Mermelstein from Fedelesfalva ( who gave the name (sorry I do not know the proper translation)
3/18/2019 10:03 AM Additionally, The child is female, illegitimate.

"Last residence Zombor" is suspicious. Zombor is in the south in present day Serbia. All the other places are in Munkacs area, very far away
3/18/2019 12:57 PM The mother's Jewish given name is Hense
3/18/2019 4:34 PM [in left margin: "twinny child"? -- it may be good to check the last entry on the previous page.]
22. Sali, February 25, female, illegitimate
Father: Herman Weisz, born in Skole, day-laborer
Mother: Hani (Hense) Eisler, born in Szidorfalva
Residence: Szidorfalva
Name-giving: Leib Mermelstein, Fedelesfalva, March 2

Sali/Száli/Záli (pronounced roughly like Sally) was traditionally a diminutive of Rosalia/Rozália, but in Jewish families was often a stand-alone secular/public name. Both Sadie and Sally are traditional English nicknames of Sarah. Thus, I would say that yes, it's possible that a Sali from Hungary would turn into Sadie in the U.S.

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