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ViewMate Posting VM 70231

Submitted by Barrie Lynn Karp, PhD

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 3/17/2019 4:40 PM
Family Surname: WEISZ
Country: Hungary
Town: Munkacs
Date of Image: 1886
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Please translate line 48 to English (birth of Juda WEISZ). AND: male or female? Seeking parents Hers WEISZ & Chaya, & any information about them, including the mother's maiden name. Birth 1886 in Munkacs, Hungary.

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On  Response 
3/17/2019 8:34 PM Hello Barrie,

1886 Birth Registry
Juda - boy, born on May 14th, illegitimate

Father - Hers Weisz, born in St. Miklos, charterer/tenant

Mother - Chaje Weisz, born in Klacsano

Place of Birth - Plaszkanfalva

Midwife - Maria Goge

Circumcized by - Mihaly Weisz, a charterer/tenant from Reszede(?)/Repede(?) on May 21st

Koma - the Jewish male honored with holding the baby during circumcision - Jakab Neuman from R. Breszto

Notation: Hers Weisz personally acknowledged that he was definitely the child's father.

***Sorry that I cannot zero in on the occupation more exactly than charterer or tenant. You might want to check the Internet for that information, searching Hungary in the 1880s (plus or minus)....Jo

3/18/2019 8:40 AM Additionally, the child is male, and illegitimate. Hers Weisz acknowledged being the natural father.

The occupation in the case of the father and the circumciser is "tenant"

3/18/2019 3:26 PM 48. Juda, May 14, male, illegitimate
Father: Hers Weisz, born in Sz. Miklós, renter
Mother: Chaje Weisz, born in Klacsanó
Residence: Plaszkánfalva
Midwife: Maria Göge
Circumciser: Mihály Weisz, renter, in Repede
Date of circumcision: May 21
Sponsor/witness: Jakob Neuman in K. Bresztó
Hers Weisz personally acknowledged that he is the child's natural father

"Natural" as opposed to "legal", i.e. the tickmark is correctly in the illegitimate column.

Szent-Miklós: Chynadiievo, Ukraine
Klacsanó: Kliachanove
Ploszkánfalva: this shows up in the early gazetteers as being near Ploszkó (later Dombostelek, now Ploske, Ukraine), but I can't get the map to cough it up under any name, and it's missing from the later gazetteers.
K. Bresztó: Ormód was formerly Nagy-Bresztó, which implies there was a Kis-Bresztó somewhere nearby at some point, but I'm not finding it on the map or in the gazetteers.

The occupation is most likely "land-renter", i.e. farmer not on his own land.

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