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ViewMate Posting VM 70096

Submitted by David John Lichtenstein

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 10/31/2018 3:57 PM
Family Surname: Lichtenstein
Country: Germany
Town: Berlin
Date of Image: 1945
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This probably follows on from my late Grandfather Friedrich LICHTENSTEIN's CV as already identified on VM 69833-69834. It was copied for me by Centrum Judaicum. Five pages already copied and displayed on ViewMate 6947-50 have already been translated. This together with the previous and following Viewmate should complete the task.

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On  Response 
10/31/2018 10:01 PM F.L., born 26 Dec 1888 at Culmsee, district of Thorn, residing at 62 Konstanzerstrasse, married (mixed marriage), cantor and teacher, German citizen, resident of Berlin-Wilm. on 1 Jan 1933; sister M... L. was evacuated

Susanna L., born 16 Feb 1892 at Untertillbach, district Vil[s?].ho..., wife

Memeber of the Jewish community since 1914
Did not own a house
Aug 5, 1945
11/1/2018 12:54 AM Untertillbach, district Vilshofen (Close to Passau)
11/1/2018 1:05 AM Untertillbach, district Vilshofen (Close to Passau)
11/3/2018 8:12 AM The title of this document translates as"Questionnaire of the Jewish Community of Berlin". This questionnaire was issued in the summer of 1945 by the newly reconstituted kehillot to gather information on the remnants of the pre-war congregations.
Neither Friedrich nor Susanna were "evacuated" (deported), probably because they were in a mixed-religious marriage, whereas Friedrich's sister Meta Lichtenstein was deported. According to the Moemoral Book, there was s Meta Lichtenstein deported to Auschwitz on 29 Nov. 1942.
It is not mentioned
if she perished. However, this Meta was born in a different town (Pobiedziska). I could not find Friedrich or Meta at JRI Poland.
Friedrich was born in Culmsee, today Chełmża, 20 km north of Thorn (Toruń).
Jews living in a mixed marriage were often exempted from deportation and were assigned forced labour at the end of the war, as long as they were not overtly living a Jewish lifestyle.

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