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Submitted by David John Lichtenstein

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 10/14/2018 4:14 PM
Family Surname: Lichtenstein
Country: Germany
Town: Various
Date of Image: 1950s
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This is part of what I believe are post War compensation claims by my late Grandfather Friedrich Lichtenstein and therefore the second page of his potted biography which I would appreciate a translation of including the first page already posted. More importantly I am planning a trip to Germany in late July to early August 2019 and would appreciate the assistance of an English speaking guide (or guides) in the areas in which he worked and lived.

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On  Response 
10/17/2018 5:53 PM However, because I had been married in the meantime and I had a son born in Hamborn, I resisted the temptation to appear on stage on a permanent basis, and at my return to Berlin I offered my services again to the Jewish Community of Berlin. The proficiency in singing that I had acquired, combined with my liturgical knowledge and my [previous] occupation in education, gave me the hope to secure a position according to my credentials. From 1924 until my forced dismissal in 1938 I was employed without interruption as a cantor and a religion teacher at the Jewish Community of Berlin. My hope to obtain a position as head cantor were increasingly jeopardized by the change of regime in 1933, because the kehilah was compelled to ever growing constraints. After my dismissal I had to try to get by with my relatively small pension until that, too, was abolished and in 1942, I was forcibly deployed as transport and demolition worker in the ruins until the end of the war. Immediately after the war I founded at 13 Joachimsthalerstrasse a house of worship, where I functioned as a cantor until my emigration to Kenya. I was also summoned by the [Allied] military authorities to offer my services for reinstalling a school system in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, which I did until the summer 1946. I was working successfully as a teacher at the 2nd Elementary School of Berlin-Wilmersdorf, as certified by my reference certificates. I want also to point out that my emigration to Kenya was already planed in 1939 after my son was detained in November 1939 in the Buchenwald concentration camp, from which he was only released after he could prove the feasibility of his emigration. I had to do the same thing, but due to the outbreak of the war I had to wait until 1947. After my emigration and until now I held a similar position as in Berlin at a small kehilah. As I will soon be 70 years old, I would appreciate a decision about the amount of my compensation for work-related damages so that I can plan the last years of my life.

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