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ViewMate Posting VM 69175

Submitted by Nanci Bloch Richards

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 8/19/2018 2:13 PM
Family Surname: Bloch
Country: Lithuania
Town: Telsiai
Date of Image: 1856
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I would like to have Record M38 translated to English. Russian should be on the left side and Hebrew on the right.

THank You!

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On  Response 
8/20/2018 10:43 AM Have you had a response yet? If not, I'm not a native Russian speaker but I will have a go.
8/20/2018 12:16 PM Hi again. Do you have a picture of the column headings. The first two from l-r I can make out as wife's, husband's, under which is no 38, hence I think No M38, as M would stand for muzh... husband.
8/20/2018 1:46 PM This is definitely pre-1917 revolutions when they reformed spelling. I may have some letters wrong and have put ? where that is the case but you may be able to recognise names. Have put / where there could be alternate letters as script is not clear to me a non-native.

From L-R after Col 2, 38 which is under husband column

Col 3: Veyder Margosie?ch and Ya?ikel Gave?yan
Col 4: Nayabn/rl? 12 (could be address or 12 Nov) ridla? something g/p/kh/obr something 19
Col 5: Kh/Leyvaich 26 either born or parent(s), rest unclear. Can make out some letters but won't try to make words here.
Col 6: Vasseraya (looks like this, poss district), Telshi (Russian for Telsiai)
Col 7: P/Ten/k/par Fa/iyvil Aronovich Bl - could be Bloch but last 3 letters don't really look like that. Wife Gita, could be Blok (this is end of line 3) but think it may be connected to following word, some of whose letters I recognise but not the word itself, last word of column is definitely "society". It and previous word are in genitive case, meaning it is "of x society", maybe marriage bureau or social group.
Col 8: Son of Aron

Hope that gets you on your way. A native Russki would understand handwriting better than me. It's a pretty clear doc.
8/21/2018 2:57 AM It's the birth record. In Russian Part. The left column - son Aron
Central column: his parents.
The Baker Faivish son of Aron Bloch, his wife Gita from Viekshnyansky society
The date is 12 November, Hebrew date is 26 Kheshvan.
The date of circumcision is 19 November, 4 Kislev
The same is in Hebrew part.
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