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Submitted by Barrie Lynn Karp, PhD

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 3/24/2019 2:04 PM
Family Surname: Weiss
Country: Hungary
Town: Muncacs
Date of Image: May 14, 1886
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Please translate line 48, all information about Juda Weiss. Male or female? all names, places, occupations, dates. Thank you.

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On  Response 
8/9/2018 12:30 AM 1886
Child's name: Juda
Birthdate: May 14
Gender, status: male, illegitimate
Father: of Sz Miklós birth, renter Hers Weisz
Mother: of Klacsanó birth, Chaje Weisz
Birthplace: Plaszkánfalva
Midwife: Maria Göge
Circumciser: Mihály Weisz, renter, in Repede
Date: May 21
Sponsor/godparent: Jakab Neuman, in K. Bresztó
Notes: Hers Weiss personally acknowledged that he is this child's natural father.

RadixHub's Dvorzsák gazetteer (1877), using the Wayback Machine (

Klacsanó, Bereg -- izr. Benedike. 1913: still Klacsanó, now Kliachanovce, absorbed into Ivanivtsi, Ukraine

Ploszkófalva (Ploszkovica, Ploszkánfalva), Bereg -- izr. Szolyva. Can't figure out its later fate.

Repede (Rjapet, Rjapity), Bereg -- izr. n/a. 1913: still Repede, now Bystrytsia, Ukraine.

Sz Miklós: Bereg-Szent-Miklós (Csinagyijoc, Csinagyijevo, Csinagyijovci) -- izr. Munkács. 1913: Szentmiklós; now Chynadiievo, Ukraine.

Bereg has Nagy-Bresztó (Bresztuv), izr. n/a, and Kis- and Nagy-Bisztra (Bisztroje), izr. Szolyva, plus Felső Kis-Bisztra (Visnyove, Bistroje), izr. Alsó-Vereczke.

I recommend the map titled "Military Survey of Hungary (1941)" on Mapire ( It has three names for many places: the "usual" Hungarian form, the Ukrainian form (in Latin letters), and the early-20th-c. "Hungarianified" form (if different). This makes it somewhat easier to figure out how a place appears in the 1913 gazetteer as contrasted with earlier gazetteers, such as the 1877 Dvorzsák.

For most of these places, search for Munkács or Mukacheve on Mapire, and move northeast from there.
8/9/2018 7:51 PM note that the mother and father have the same surname, and the father declared his paternity, so it's more likely that the "illegitimacy" was not because the parents were not married, but because the (religious) marriage was not properly registered with the (civil) authorities.
3/25/2019 4:46 PM I disagree with the other responder who believes Weisz is Chaje's married name.

1. There is no sign of German/English-style married names in this register. Regardless of where the tick mark is for legitimate/illegitimate, the mother's surname is different from the father's in the other entries.

2. There was no civil registration in Hungary in 1886. These Jewish registers are the only official record of these people's births, marriages, and deaths. If they were married by Jewish law, then they're in the Jewish register of marriages, and they were officially married. The government only started keeping registers of its own on Oct. 1, 1895, almost nine and a half years after this birth.

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