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Submitted by Barrie Lynn Karp, PhD

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 8/5/2018 3:48 PM
Family Surname: Weiss
Country: Hungary
Town: Munkacs
Date of Image: 7-30-1894
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Please translate line 79 to English for Solomon Weiss, (my previous info tells me b. 30 Jul 1894 • Austria/Hungary, (he wrote: Munkacs, Hungary, Bereg). Bács-Bodrog. I want to know if this is birth record for brother of my grandfather, their parents's and grandparents' names, and any other information. My grandfather: Abraham Isaac Weiss. Sade/Sadie Weiss, 1886, their sister, possibly born in Sombor or Munkacs, 17 Dec 1886 • Zombor, Bács-Bodrog, HUNGARY, Austria; and I don't have any records for their parents: Harold Weiss & Chana/Hannah/Chaje Weiss. I seek as many translations & interpretations as possible. This screenshot is from ДАЗО_1606-16-84._1885-1896_роки._Метрична_книга_євреїв_Мукачево._Народження, which I got from today, thanks to Moishe Miller. Thank you very much.

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8/5/2018 5:42 PM Hello Barrie,

A partial translation for you....

Birth Registry 1894

Name: Salamon
Date of Birth: July 30
Father's name: Weisz Herman, town name Ornaz(?), occupation - cannot decipher
Mother's name: Weisz Chaya, town Munkacs
Midwife: Janusz Rosa
??Circumcision: August 6

8/5/2018 8:12 PM Zombor, Bács-Bodrog county (now Sombor, Serbia) and Munkács, Bereg county (now Mukachevo, Ukraine) are 375 miles apart, at diagonally opposite edges of the pre-Treaty of Versailles Kingdom of Hungary. It is extremely unlikely that a Weisz family from the one place has any relationship whatsoever with a Weisz family from the other place.

On both of the records you've posted, the father's birthplace is clearly written as _Ország_ "country, nation". I can find nothing about a village or town with this name, in Bereg county or elsewhere. The search is made more difficult by the common meaning of the word.

The other thing I can't figure out is the father's full name: Hers Mei??? The next letter is possibly 'b', and the last letter is probably 'k' or 'h', but that doesn't match any names that I know or can find.


Child: Salamon
July 30, male, legitimate
Father, occupation, birthplace: Herman (Hers Mei???) Weisz, butcher, Ország
Mother, birthplace: Chaje Weisz, Munkács
Birthplace: Oroszvég
Midwife: Roza Jónász
Circumciser: Majer Grosz
Circumcision: Aug. 6
Sponsor/witness: Majer Kaer, butcher, Oroszvég
8/6/2018 7:49 AM The name may be Hers Meilach (Elimelech). As for Orszag, to me it looks like Orvag. Either way, let me point out there seems to be a period after that word which likely means it's an abbreviation.
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