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ViewMate Posting VM 68725

Submitted by Stefani Elkort Twyford

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 7/18/2018 3:55 PM
Family Surname: Ilkovics
Country: Hungary
Town: Vrutry
Date of Image: 1916
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This seems to be a family post card. If someone could translate it for me I would be grateful.

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On  Response 
7/19/2018 1:02 AM it is really bad handwriting here is what I could make out.

"June 19, 1916
Dear Ilonka (dim. of the name Ilona).

The attached pictures proves that to... (can't make the verb out) I go only in a certain part of the day, otherwise all day long (no verb used) in the social baths.
How are you (plural) and what's up with Hani (?, hard to make it out) concerning her documents. Kissing you all,with love, Jenő (Hungarian for Eugene)"


Karesz Vandor
genealogist/Historian/Private tour guide

Hungarian Roots
cell: +36-30-546-6950

7/19/2018 1:51 AM Dear Ilonka! The picture below shows that I wear the uniform only at a certain time of day, otherwise I spend whole day in the social (?) bath. How are you? And what about Hani’ s records (documents)?
Kisses to all with love: Jeno

(I am sure that this is not the best translation. The handwriting of Jeno is horrible, so"Hani" is not sure, the name is hardly readable)
7/21/2018 10:44 AM Agreeing with everyone that this is truly horrible handwriting. Here's what I can make out for the Hungarian text:

916 június 19
Kedves Ilonka
a mellékelt ábra igazolja, hogy uniformisban a nap csak egy bizonyos szakában járok, külömben ... igy naphosszat a ... fürdőben.
Hogy vagytok a ... van Hanival az okmányait illetőleg
Csókol mindnyájatokat szeretettel Jenő

June 19, 1916
Dear Ilonka [Diminutive of Ilona = Helen]
The attached diagram shows that I only go about in uniform during a certain part of the day, otherwise I ... thus all day long in the ... baths.
How are you ... with Hani regarding the documents
Loving kisses to all of you Jenő [~Eugene]

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