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Submitted by Moishe Miller

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 7/11/2018 3:44 PM
Family Surname: Schwimmer
Country: Ukraine
Town: Mukachevo
Date of Image: 1872
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Can anyone read the detail for line 26 of this marriage record from Munkacz (Mukachevo) on 12 October 1872, for Israel Schwimmer? What town or name is written under his name? Are his parents Jakob and Szure? Who are the parents of his wife, Toni Salzberger? What is listed in the next box, which I think is her place of birth? What is the next heading, which seems to say "a tanuk neve a polgari allasuk" and for which google translate does not help me? And what is the actual detail for that box in line 26?

Thank you!

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On  Response 
7/13/2018 12:26 AM There is occupation under his name "kereskedö" = merchant. Parents were Jakab and Szure SCWIMMER, living/birth place Munkacs. His age was 38 and was widower.

Bride was Toni SALZBERGER, daughter of Jozsef and Chaje Szure SALZBERGER, born in Paszika (aka Pasika, Kishidveg), lives in Munkacs. Age 32, widow.

Next column is for the witnesses: Munis SCHVIMMER and Isak SALZBERGER.

7/13/2018 11:30 PM Hello Moishe,

Information is included for both that their religion is Jewish.

The name of the rabbi is Kalno Berko (ditto marks from previous party's information - Item #24).

The column you ask about refers to the names of the witnesses and their occupations. Names are listed, however no occupations....Jo

7/15/2018 8:05 PM Marriage register for the Jewish congregation of Munkács

Item number: 26
Year and day of marriage: 1872 Oct. 12th
--The groom's--
name and civil status: Israel Schvimer, merchant
parents and their civil status: Jakab and Szure Schvimmer
birthplace and residence house-number: Munkacs
religion: ditto [Jewish]
age: 38 years
marital status -- single, widow: widow
--The bride's--
name and civil status: Tóni Salzberger
parents and their civil status: Jozef & Chaje Szure Salzberger
birthplace and residence house-number: born in Paszika, lives in Munk.
religion: ditto [Jewish]
age: 32 years
marital status -- single, widow: widown
Name and civil status of witnesses: Muniv[?] Schvimmer and Isak Salzberger
Name and position of the officiant: ditto [Berko Kalno assistant rabbi]
Announced or excused by a higher decree or impediment: ditto [announced]
Observations: [blank]

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