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Submitted by Hope Myers Gordon

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 4/15/2018 4:51 PM
Family Surname: Kaplan / Leibowitz
Date of Image: 1944
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This is a newly released card from the Stutthof Concentration Camp. I'm interested in knowing what the following words mean. They are: Stand; Wehnort; durch and in KL. Also, I would appreciate a translation of what is written after Wehnort, Religion, and durch. Knowing a small bit of German I was able to figure out some of the more obvious.

Thanks in advance.

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On  Response 
4/15/2018 9:55 PM Stand: [married, single, divorced, widowed] married
"Wehnort": it's Wohnort, "residence"
durch: via
in KL: KL = concentration camp
written after
Wehnort: Vilna
Religion: Jew
durch: Riga
4/15/2018 11:56 PM Hello Hope,

What is written after religion is "mos". This is probably the abbreviation for Mosaich, which is the word used for Jewish or Hebrew....Jo
4/16/2018 8:37 AM Hi, first mos. is mosäisch (does mean Jewish).
Wohnart is place the person lives, in this case Wilner Strasse H5. Citizenship: Polish. Date person was taken was Aug. 9, 1944. KL is Konzentrationslager (Concentration Camp.) Vorstrafen are previous punishments (none).
Vorname is first name. g means geboren (born). Stand means marital status, in this case married (verheiratet)
After Whonort it says “see above”.
Person taken through Riga to Stutthof.
I hope this helps.
Jeanne Swack
4/16/2018 10:21 AM "Wohnort" = "place of residence"
"Sipo" = "Sicherheitspolizei" = "security police"
"verw" = "verwitwet" = "widowed"
4/16/2018 10:52 AM Status is verh. = verheiratet = married, not verw. = verwittwet = widowed. See the h in Stutthof and the w in w.o. (= wie oben, as above).
4/16/2018 8:07 PM I suggest in this case "durch" could also mean by which means, or by whom the person was sent to the camp.

It this case, it was the "Security Police" in (or of) Riga.
More about the SiPo
4/17/2018 7:44 AM KL: Konzentrazionslager (Concentration Camp)
Stand: [Marital] Status -- in this case "verheiratet" (married)
Wohnort: Residence -- in this case, "s.o" means "siehe open" (see above)
Religion: "mos." is abbreviation for "mosaisch" (Jewish)
durch: "through", "via"; sipo is abbreviation for "Sicherheitspolizei" (security police, an organization that no longer formally existed in 1944, but had been absorbed into the RSHA (Reich Security Administration) and the Gestapo). "sipo. Riga" would have referred to the security office in Riga, Latvia

Sonia Kaplan, born Lebowitz, born on 18 October 1920 in Wilno (Vilnius, Lithuania), having Polish citizenship, married, no children, was deported to the Stutthof concentration camp via Riga on 9 August 1944.

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