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Submitted by Andy Monat

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 3/25/2018 5:10 PM
Family Surname: Berkovits
Country: Hungary
Town: Natafalva
Date of Image: 1869
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I would like as complete as possible a translation of this page from the 1869 Hungary census for two Berkovits families of Natafalva, Hungary (now Nacina Ves, Slovakia), living in the same house. This document has been indexed in the JewishGen database of the census, but the index only contains names and birth years. I am especially interested in the words near some of the people's names which might explain relationships, the work information in columns 7 & 8; the birthplaces in column 9; and the notes in column 14. I'm also hoping to establish what connection there might be between these families and the other Berkovits family from Natafalva, which you can see (with translations) here:

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On  Response 
3/27/2018 12:24 AM Head of family is Jakab Berkovits, he is a butcher, born in Natafalva in 1840.
Wife born in Gálszécs, she is a "gazdaasszony" (can mean farming woman, a person who manages her own farm, or in a broader meaning: a housewife)
their kids:
Betti born i n1868 was born in NAtafalva

NExt family, head of family is Moses Berkovits, butcher, also born in NAtafalva,
wife born in Alsó-Hrabócz.
Their two kids both born in NAtafalva

"their mother" (=the mother of Jakab and Moses Berkovits, so the two husbands are brothers)
Mária Berkovits, widow, born in Zemplén county, Zelena,Zsilina (need to check as it is hard to read)
ÁBrahám Berkovits, born in 1852 (another brother of Jakab and Moses), note in line: smith apprentice in Poruba in Zemplén county.

Karesz Vandor
3/28/2018 10:17 AM I. 1. head of family Jakob Berkovits, male, born 1840, Jewish, married, occupation butcher, nature of employment independent, birthplace Zemp. Natafalva, residence local, present over one month continuously, can read and write
2. his wife Háni [diminutive of Johanna, usually] Klein, female, 1840, Jewish, married, housewife, Zemp. Galszéts, local, present, cannot read or write
his children
3. Beti Berkovits, female, 1868, Jewish, single, Zemp. Natafalva, local, present, cannot read or write
II. 1. head of family Moses Berkovits, 1844, Jewish, married, butcher, independent, ditto (Zemp. Natafalva), present, local, can read and write
2. his wife Beti Rozenvasser(?), female, 1844, Jewish, Zemp. A.Hrabocz, local, present, cannot read or write
his children
3. Herman Berkovits, male, 1866, Jewish, single, Zemp. Natafalva, local, present, cannot read or write
4. Czilli Berkovits, female, 1868, single, ditto (Zemp. Natafalva), local, present, cannot read or write
5. their mother Mária? Berkovits, female, 1810, Jewish, widow, [occupation rendered illegible by crossing out], independent, Zemp. Zubna, local, present, cannot read or write
6. Abraham Berkovits, male [crossed out], 1852 [crossed out], absent over one month continuously, smith's apprentice in Poruba of Zemp. county.
total 3 male, 5 female, 8 local/present, 1 absent.

Places (all Zemplén county):
Natafalva, Nátafalva: now Nacina Ves, Slovakia. Jewish residents recorded in Nagymihály (Michalovce).
Gálszécs: now Sečovce, Slovakia. Jewish congregation local.
Alsó-Hrabócz, later Alsógyertyán: now Nižný Hrabovec, Slovakia. Jewish congregation in Varannó (Vranov nad Topľou).
Zubna, later Tölgyeshegy: now Zubné, Slovakia. Jewish congregation in Szinna (Snina).
Orosz-Poruba, later Oroszvágás: now Ruská Poruba, Slovakia. Jewish congregation in Sztropkó (Stropkov).
12/25/2020 1:47 PM I am wondering if this is a shared relative. I just found this record on Family Search (not fun) from Ancestry listing. Jacob Berkowitz and Rebecca Klein were my gg grandparents. Poruba (Pribor) was on some citizenship paperwork of their children-I have been desperately trying to find where my family comes from in Hungary-was told Sarospatak. My ggf married a woman from Terna Slovakia and the most I research the region, the smaller it gets--if you submitted, please email me #2358

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