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Submitted by Dmitry Olegovich Nikelshpur

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Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 1/17/2018 4:21 PM
Family Surname: Goldvert, and Leibman OR Goldman
Country: Poland
Town: Siedlce
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I am convinced that these are my paternal great-grandfather’s (Zalman GOLDVERT) sisters.

The first is a birth record of Pesia Feyga GOLDVERT, and the second is a birth record of Frymet GOLDVERT. There are some slight discrepancies between the two records, but there are too many similarities for the records to be coincidental – I will not go into specifics for brevity.

However, the maiden name of the mother, Asna Tauba, is different in each record. I am well aware of pervasiveness of discrepancies in spelling of names and mistakes in year of birth, but the maiden name appears to be totally different: In the first document it looks like GOLDMAN, while in the second record it appears to be LEIBMAN.

My assumption is that the maiden name was confused with her married name (Leibman + Goldvert), but I would like to try to resolve this discrepancy.

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On  Response 
1/17/2018 8:27 PM I don't think that any of us can have much more insight into this matter than you or can reconcile the information with any more consistency, but this is what I observe. Asna Tauba is certainly a distinctive and probably not very common name; Moshko Michel, as well. Their names and ages are not consistent between the records (Goldwert in one; Goldwart and Goldwirt in the other; the ages differ by a couple of years), but as you say it is very hard to imagine two distinct couples here. See whether you can find records of Asna Tauba. I imagine that their marriage was brobably the second one for at least MM (MM is some 30 years older), so the wedding may have taken place very recently in relation to the first birth noted, when the mother was rather young. I also wonder whether there would have been other births for the couple in the intervening 12 years.
1/19/2018 10:14 AM One approach that might be worth trying is to do some searches to determine if there was actually a person with the other name, i.e., was there a GOLDMAN family that had a daughter by that name who married someone with the other name (if I understood the issue correctly). Hope this helps.

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