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Submitted by Ellen H Caplan

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 4/11/2018 4:11 PM
Family Surname: Eisenberg
Country: Poland
Town: Mielnica, Galicia
Date of Image: February 2, 1924
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This is one of about a dozen letters written by Litman Eisenberg from Mielnica, Galicia to his daughter Sarah Klinger in Montreal in the 1920s. It is written in Yiddish in a difficult to read handwriting, and includes extensive use of German and Hebrew, including religious references.

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On  Response 
4/15/2018 2:07 PM Hi Ellen, maybe the first page would provide a better chance to learn the handwriting :-)

This transliteration is just a first try...

Slava (?)geht nisht tsur hilf nimanden den zayt du bizt giforin in dem goldenen land iz zi nebikh erkrankt vorin(?) r'l zi leybt nur dafun vos man shikt ihr fun Amerika ihr muter Sheyndl shikt man oykh fun Amerika ihr bedarf fahr vos
bay unz XXXX ober zayt es vos bay ihr di hokhtsayt kumt zi nisht amol
tsu nimandin tsu hilf nur der herrgot zol unz helfin vir zolen nur hoben tsu arbeten tsu nemen eyn dienst isz nisht meyglakh, ershtens muz man eyn gros reykhes fermogen shpendin fir eyn dienst iberhoypt in unzer hoyz kan man nisht oyfnemen eyn magd vayl iberal izt vare in di tsimern zaydes(?) und oykh mayn(?) vare-
Forigen monat(?) vos bay unz Yosl Bruknir(?) fun Istzi und hot mikh gebeyten van ikh verde tsu aykh shrayben zol ikh in nomen zayner tsu shrayben eyn grus tsu eyn fraylin er
izt froh (?) vos zi izt bay ihnen.- ihr muzt mir fetsayen vos hobe aykh geshriben veygin Shloymes und Shmuels kinder es izt eyn velts shprikhvort XXX (sorry, cannot read the following Hebrew)- dos bild fun di libe kisrayshe(?) kinder zoln leybin ihr zolt zayn
XXX zayn tsu ertsihen mit nakhes ובהרחבה hot unz gimakht eyn gross frayde oykh iber dos bay mayn bet ongeb(rakht?) vir fergesin nito dayn
und bitte der herrgot oybshtenhenden(?) iveygindig(??) mir zoln zikh(?) zeyn gikh un bald aykh ale tsu zehn mit gezund und parnose
right margin
„nisht tu flin farmeygsnshteyer“
4/15/2018 2:50 PM Slava doesn't come to help anyone, because since you left for the "Golden Land", she -heaven forbid-
unfortunately fell ill. She only lives from what she gets sent from America, and also her mother, Sheindl, would receive things for a living from America, for what at our place XXX. But since her wedding, she doesn't come to anyone to help. May God help us and grant, that we have work. It's not possible, to take a domestic worker, because firstly, you would have to spend a large fortune for her and anyway, we couldn't
take a maid in our house, because goods are everywhere in the rooms, goods from grandpa and me, as well.
Last month, Yosel Bruknir(?) from Istzi visited us and asked me to attach in his place regards to a young lady, I shall write in my next letter to you, that he is happy, that she is at your place.-

Please forgive me, that I wrote you concerning
Shloyme's and Shmuel's children, (but) there is a saying in the world: „XXXXXX“-
As for the picture of the dear XXX children, shall life, you shall be successful to raise them with joy, and, finally, you gave us great pleasure
(and we installed it over the bed???). We never forget you and the XXX Lord may grant, that we shall meet us all with best health and income very soon.

(right margin) as not to bypass the property tax ...
4/15/2018 10:31 PM What a fantastic transcription!

The Hebrew words refer to finding safety in the Lord's protection rather than trusting in the generosity of people [a quote from the book of Psalms - see chapter 118].
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