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Submitted by Alan Seid

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 3/19/2017 4:02 PM
Family Surname: Haas, Kriegel, SchneiderTabak
Town: Stanisławów
Date of Image: 26 Oct 1909
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This is a marriage record for Feibel (Philip) Schneider (son of Leiser Schneid and Lei Scheiner) and Ester Beila (Bessie) Hass (daughter of Leib Hass and Malki Tabak), on 26 Oct 1909 at Stanisławów. Please help with providing a word for word translation of row 198 from Polish to English. Please also provide the Polish text. I have a translation of the column headers.

Thank you

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On  Response 
3/19/2017 8:46 PM Groom:

Feibel Schneid, true name Scheiner, born in Solotwina (or Solotwin), private teacher in Stanislawow, son of Leiser Schneid and Lea Scheiner, married according to the mosaic rites, both of Solotwina (Solotwin)

Age: 30 years and 7.5 months

Ester Beila ??? Hass, true name, Tabak, born in Bohorodczany, domiciled in Stanislawow. Daughter of Leib Hass and Malka Tabak, married according to mosaic rites, both of Bohorodczany

Age: 23 years and 5.25 months

Date and place of marriage: Oct. 21, 109, Stanislawow

Marriage performed by: Alter Nebenzahl, deputy rabbi of Stanislawow

Witnesses: Moses Mausner ??? in Stanislawow, Israel Rosenkranz ??? in Stanislawow

Comments: Corresponding documents in metrical acts

3/19/2017 9:00 PM Feibel Schneid (real name Scheiner), born at Solotwinka[?], private tutor at Stanislawow, son of Leiser Scheid and Lea Scheiner, both from [first town mentioned above], 30 years 7.5 months old, bachelor

Ester Beila Hass (real name Tabak), born at Bohorodczane, residing at Stanislawow, daughter of Leib Hass and Malka Tabak, both from [same town], 23 years 5.25 months old, single

Wedding: October 26th 1909, Stanislawow

Alter Nebenzahl, acting in place of the Rabbi of Stanislawow, performed the ceremony

Witnesses: Moses Mausner, Israel Rosenkranz
3/21/2017 7:23 AM Feibel Schneid age 20 and 7 1/2 months.
Correct name Scheiner born in Solotwime?, private teacher in Stanislawow, son of the registered? married couple Leiser Schneid and Lei Scheiner both of Folstwiny?

Ester Beila ? Hass, correct name is Tabak,
living in Brhorodcka Kolo age 23 and 5 1/4 months, single, born of the registered? married couple Leib Hass and Malka Tabak both of Brhorod ???

Sorry I cant do better. Madeleine

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