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Submitted by Jeff Lieberman

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 12/11/2016 5:28 PM
Family Surname: Sgiel?
Country: Ukraine
Town: Lwow, Galicia
Date of Image: 1920
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This postcard from Lwow, Galicia, Austria-Hungry (now Ukraine) was sent to my grandfather, Samuel Lieberman. We believe it may be from a relative of his, but we haven't been able to translate it. Any assistance would be appreciated. The signature appears to be Cila Sgiel.

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12/11/2016 6:17 PM Very poor attempt at German from somebody who was either not a native speaker or at least not educated in German writing.

"A memento forever for our niece from the year 1920[prob.]"

The name I think is Cila Igiel.
12/11/2016 7:56 PM Cila IGCEL?
12/11/2016 8:23 PM I do think it's IgIel (compare with the curved "i" in "Cila" and the consistently right-displaced dot over "i" everywhere and over "j" in "jahr" in the line above.
12/11/2016 9:13 PM Thanks so much for the input. I’ve been reading her last name as Sgiel, which could be a variation of Segal or Sigel, a common surname in that region. There’s a photo of a young woman on the front of the card (Cila?), which was taken in my grandfather's hometown of Lwow, and we're trying to figure out whether she was a relative. But as you've noticed, it's not easy to translate the message or make out her name.
12/11/2016 10:05 PM The message is unambiguously clear, just written with errors in the language.

The name "Sgiel" seems extremely unlikely to me; "Igiel" makes much more sense; it might be a Polish version of the German "Igel", which is a common enough name among Jews of European origin. I am not certain whether the surname is derived from it, but in German "Igel" means hedgehog.
12/12/2016 9:29 AM Thanks again. I'll see if I can find her under the name "Igiel."

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