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Submitted by Steven Schutzman

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Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 12/11/2016 5:18 PM
Family Surname: Apfelbaum
Date of Image: 1909
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This was the town of birth listed on a 1909 New York passenger arrival list for a relative who was born about 1860 in, according to the 1891 and also the 1901 England Census: Galicia, Austria. It was transcribed by Ancestry as "Satischitz", and that does look to be a fair interpretation. But I have been unable to locate such a town in either the Gesher Galicia Town Locator or the JewishGen Gazetteer. In trying to identify this town, I am seeking suggestions of 1) other possible transcriptions and/or 2) names of possible Galician towns that the recorder might have actually heard which resulted in the making of this written entry. Thank you!

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On  Response 
12/11/2016 6:26 PM From the sound of it, I'd think that the name, if it were not exactly as rendered, would be similar to that of the town noted in the page at the address below. The name sounds Slavic, perhaps related to the Slavic word root "-tish-", "quiet." The location of the specific place noted below seems wrong; I am giving it more as an example.
12/12/2016 12:07 AM There's a very good chance that the town is Zaleszczyki (now Zalishchyky, Ukraine), about 30 miles from Borszczow (Borshiv). Yiddish speakers called the town Zalishchik. See the JewishGen Family Finder, the Ellis Island Database, and Ancestry (naturalizations, draft registrations, Hamburg emigration records) for Apfelbaums from there.

12/13/2016 2:58 AM The name definately looks like Satischetz. It has to be in Poland or West Ukraine - former areas of Galicia which until WW1 was part of Austro-Hungarian Empire.
After making a small research and trying out different spellings on Google and Goofle Maps, I came up with closest possibility Zatyshshya(Zatishye), Ukraine.

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