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Submitted by Rose Katz

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 8/7/2016 3:22 PM
Family Surname: katz - forst
Country: Poland
Town: Lwow
Date of Image: 1946
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This is the first page of two of a document I found among other papers belonging to our cousin who lived with us after the war.
Can you tell me what it is about, please ?
Thank you in advance again
Rose Katz

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On  Response 
8/8/2016 4:09 AM Le document est bilingue polonais/ukrainien

Il s'agit d'une autorisation / ordre " d'évacuation " de l'Ukraine vers la Pologne
Daté du 26 novembre 1945
Attestant qu'avec le plein accord des autorités soviétiques locales
est "évacué " de la République Socialiste d'Ukraine vers la République de Pologne (pas encore "socialiste" ni "populaire" à cette date
Isaac Frangul, fils de Lisew, juif, né en 1907
habitant le village de (sous réserve de vérification géographique) Travtchuk Usan Zimiavitch
Avec lui est " évacué " un autre membre de sa famille
Joseph Font (ou peut-être Foszt), juif, né en 1909

8/8/2016 8:06 PM I would like to make some corrections to what my esteemed French colleague has written. The form is not filled in exactly according to the printed headings so some confusion has arisen in the above-noted interpretation. It indeed includes Polish and Ukrainian writing, in fact the first two hand-written lines are duplicated in the two languages, respectively.

1. The name of the first person is Izak Trawgut, in Polish letters. I am not convinced whether Lisew refers to the real name of his father, unless it's just a mis-spelling or the first letter is meant to be "Z". In fact his father's name is mentioned in the Ukrainian line, but I cannot fully discern it. It begins with "Z". Perhaps it is "Zis".

2. His place of residence is not given. It is in fact the Ukrainian form of his name that is written in the "place of residence" line. Therefore the incomprehensible name offered by my esteemed colleague.

3. The second person is DAWID Font, SON OF Jozef. His relationship is given as "friend", so I doubt whether he is a family member.

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