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Submitted by Jean Rose Bennett

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 8/7/2016 3:20 PM
Family Surname: Steigman
Country: USA
Date of Image: January 1914
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This page was written by my great Aunt Gussie's sister-in-law, Annie Hamburger Steigman when she graduated from school. I had thought that this was Polish, but it is GERMAN. The quality isn't good, and letters are fading. Can anyone help me out? Thank you all for any help you can give me.

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On  Response 
8/8/2016 2:32 AM This is German (not very difficult German, any one with a minimum knowledge of the grammar and a dictionary can translate it).
Post it again under the category German. what's more, try to post a better image, this one is half illegible, as if the ink had completely faded on the left and/or upper parts of the card. Do not compress it, send the original file (you are allowed up to 1 M), and try to sharpen the contrast of the letters on the background
8/8/2016 9:32 PM I find it slightly difficult to discern all the words precisely, so please forgive my giving you only a general response.

This seems not to include anything very personal in the sense of being personally relevant in a detailed way to the specific individual addressed. This is written in a somewhat elevated language, as happens when one writes a dedication or note to an important life occasion addressed to another person.

It seems to begin with "May [something] light..." At the end it says something about "your education." Signed "your loving sister..."

I wonder how well the writer knew German. There seem to be some mistakes in the language.
8/9/2016 5:52 AM it's kind of Yiddish in German letters. I'm transcribing it (as far as I can) in a Germanized way:

"Soll der Stern von
Licht und Bildung wachen
ueber deinem Kopfe und soll der
Stern zum Weg hin ...
und zum hoechsten ...
Bildung sein gebraucht.
Deine liebe Schwester
Annie A. Steigman"
8/14/2016 11:50 AM This is written in a mixture of Yiddish and German in old German script. The characters are quite standard except the lower case "p".

Letter for letter transcription:

Soll der schteren vin
licht und bildung leichten
iber dein Kopffe und soll der
Steren zum Weg fin progress
und zum hechten schtapfel f[indn]
bildung! seie gebenscht.
Deine liebe Schwester
Annie A. Steigman

Tentative translation:
May the star of light and knowledge shine above your head, and the star shall [??] towards the way of progress and towards the highest [??] knowledge. Be blessed. Your loving sister Annie A. Steigman.

Some words:
Steren = stern (star)
vin, fin = Eastern Yiddish dialect for "fun" (German "von", Engilish "of").
Bildung = education, knowledge
gebenscht (gebentsht) is the passive participle of "bentshn", Yiddish for "to bless"
No idea what "schtapfel" or "schtapsel" means.

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