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Submitted by David William Perle

Information Picture Question
Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 8/3/2016 4:24 PM
Family Surname: Blum
Country: USA
Town: Cleveland, OH
Date of Image: 3/27/1918
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Hi, this is the death certificate of my second great-grandmother. Family lore had it that she "died of a broken heart" after arriving in the U.S. and learning that my second great-grandfather had died there three and a half years earlier. (And she did die almost three months after arriving in Cleveland from Poland.)

I can't make out the clinical cause of death. I'd also love to know what it says about her autopsy and what test confirmed her diagnosis.

While you're at it--help with her address? Is that Kobely? (One reference says Ct. and another Ave. Neither address exists today by those names.)

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On  Response 
8/3/2016 5:53 PM Hi David,

It looks to me like the main cause of death was "mesenteric thrombus" - a blood clot in one of the veins that drains blood from the intestines. Contributory cause of death was an intestinal obstruction (maybe from some sort of bowel disease or a tumor). I think she had an autopsy "of abdomen only"; then the line below ("What test confirmed diagnosis?") says "abdominal autopsy." And yes, I'd read the street address as 5613 Kobely, although it's hard to know whether "ave" or "ct" is correct. You might be able to figure that out by looking in old city directories for the year 1920 in Cleveland.

Hope this is helpful!Good luck with your family history research.

Louise Swerling
8/3/2016 11:58 PM Cobleigh Ct. It was misspelled.
8/4/2016 7:06 AM Hi David,
The only thing hing I can add to the previous response is that she had an operation performed on Aug. 29, 1920, and where it asks "test confirmed" I think it says " abdomenal centrifuge".
Perhaps the funeral home has more records.
I'm not sure they're still in business, but the Western Reserve Historical Society has old funeral home records in Cleveland.
Best of luck to you,
Feige Kauvar Stern
8/4/2016 11:24 AM "What test confirmed diagnosis?" is abdominal autopsy (not abdominal centrifuge). I agree with the other interpretations given.

Not an MD but have done years of work in medical record analysis.
8/4/2016 11:26 AM Forgot to include my name with previous post!

Danielle Weiner
Dallas, TX
8/5/2016 2:28 AM 1] mesenteric thrombus
2] intestinal obstruction
3]of abdomen only
4] abdominal autopsy [ obviously a visual confirmation]

Basically agreeing with previous comments
Dr David Barrett
8/5/2016 3:00 AM Looks like she had an operation on August 29 to relieve an intestinal obstruction but died of mesenteric thrombus on Aug 30.
Presumably the abdominal autopsy was done to check why she died post-op.
Today the treatment would have been to surgically remove the obstructed part of bowel and hook up the healthy bits again - not usually much of a problem unless a lot of bowel had been damaged. Maybe that was the problem in this case.
Can't read signature of the MD at St Luke's Hospital but he was probably the surgeon involved.
8/5/2016 5:34 AM Mesenteric Thrombosis. Diagnosis came from an abdominal autopsy (abdomen only). It came from an intestinal obstruction. The cod does not say if the tronbosis was in an artery or vein.
8/5/2016 5:53 AM Mesenteric Thrombosis secondary to Intestinal Obstruction. There was an operation.

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