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Submitted by Carol Sicherman

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 8/3/2016 4:20 PM
Family Surname: Sicherman
Country: Poland
Town: Warsaw, Cracow
Date of Image: 22 Oct. 1915
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This card was sent by Private Jacob Isak Sicherman to his wife. Apparently he had been in Warsaw, but he wrote the card from Cracow, where he was stationed. I would be grateful for (a) a transcription of the entire card, including his return address; (b) a translation of the same. If the word "Herrag" appears in the return address, I am eager to learn what it means. Through his other cards, I am familiar with abbreviations such as g.s.d. (Gott sei dank), but I can't read much of his handwriting. He customarily signed himself JIsak. This card is one of 104 related cards in a book that I am preparing for publication.

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On  Response 
8/19/2016 10:12 AM I would think that Sina/Simi Herrag/Lerrag is the c/o adress from which Jacob writes. That is the person which lives at krakau and were Jacob stays.

Zu Krakau 22/10 1915 Th[eure] Matylda leb!
Ich bin schon g.s.d. bald gänzlich geheilt werde schon die tage zurik gehn! [Gestern hab] mit a Boryslawer a briefel mitgegeben für die [l. sw. eltern]! Von Hersch[ell] habe oft gehr [gehert]. ich. er ist schon weg. Wan [dauert] hoffentlich wird ihn dort nicht schlecht sein er wird hart bis Ende Krieg ereilen viele sein Russen [beruch/Zuwach??] [ihn] und die bleiben noch hier bis Ende den Krieg sonst ist mir ganz gutt hatte mir [Dank] dir etwassguttes zu herein trachte zu sein beim [st ic hter] und daß Gesuch wegen Urlaub auch zu erledigen möglich daß es ja wirken wird sonst sei geduldig mein th.[eures] eß wird hoffentlich schon bald gutt sein in ganzen bis darhin seit mir herzlich [gegri... und .. euern und ...] tr[euer] J. Ysak

At Krakau 22/10 1915 Dearest Matylda leb!
I am thanks to god nearly completely at health again and will be going back within the next days. Yesterday I gave to a person from Boryslawer a little/short letter to take with him [for the worthy parents]. From Hersch[ell] I heard a lot. I [??]. He is already gone. If it is going to last on I hope it wont be bad for him He will have a hard time till the end of the war. A lot are Russians [beruch/Zuwach??] he and them will stay here till the end of the war.
Apart from that: I am quite fine, I received god news through you. I will try to be at the [...judge] and want to accomplish the application for holidays, perhaps that will work. if not be patient my [dearest] Hopefully all will be fine soon. Till then be cordially [gegri... und .. euern und ...] faithfull J. Ysak

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