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Submitted by Tamar Weinblum

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 7/17/2016 4:43 PM
Family Surname: Bester Friedman
Country: Poland
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I have posted vital record in Polish for which I need translations.
I want to know the parents names the date and place of birth and if there is more information like the mother's mother name.
Thank you very much
Tamar Weinblum

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On  Response 
7/18/2016 5:09 AM Hi there. The scan is not very clear, but I will try it - in a summarized way. BR, Alex (Mainz/Germany)

Jewish Birth Records, District of Chrzanow, Birth Certificate Nr. 246, Vol. 14, page 46 (1887):

- Birth: 13 SEP 1887 in Szczakowa, House Nr. 166
- Name Giving: 17 SEP 1887, Chrzanow-Szczakowa, House Nr. 166
- Name: Sara
- Gender: female
- Status: illegitimate
- Father: Jakob Roster, ritual husband of Maidla [Maridka, Marilka, Maritka? - genitive ending!] Friedman, industrialist [=factory owner] living in Szczakowa
- Mother: Meridla [?, for my guessings see above] Friedman, ritual wife of Jakob Roster and staying with him, daughter of Chaim Mojzesz and Jtta [? - genitive ending!] Friedman, in Czestochowa
- Witness: Kalman Rozner, industrialist in Szczakowa
- Midwife [not clear enough, but most probably]: Franciszka Kuchta
- Notes: Jakob Hirsch Roster, in front of witnesses, declared to be the father of the illegitimate daughter Sara [last name looks a little bit like "Bester", but it should be him]. Last 2 words could either be his signatur "JHirsch...?" or "living in Hirschberg" [= Jelenia Gora].

7/18/2016 5:33 AM Me again. I just realized you were in fact looking for BESTER! So then, the biological father was Jakob Hirsch Bester and the social or stepfather was Jakob Roster. In my opinion two different men, as the initial letters differ for sure. Alex
7/18/2016 6:09 AM birth: sept 13, 1889, Szczakowa
name giving: sept 16?, idem
newborn named Sara, a female, illegitimate
father: Jakob ROSTER? a manufacturer residing in Szczakowa
mother: Mindla Friedman subsisting thanks to Jakob ROSTER?, daughter of Chaim Mojzesz and Itta Friedman from Czestochowa
witness or sandek...: Kotman? Kolman? Rosner a manufacturer from Szczakowa
midwife: Franciszka Kuchta?
7/20/2016 4:49 AM After looking at the original link posted in the listserve, I can confirm the accuracy of the first translation, except the mother's name was Mindla and her mother's name looks like Ita.
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