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Submitted by Anita M Berk

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 7/10/2016 4:00 PM
Family Surname: Zwikler, Isak
Country: Poland
Town: Krakow
Date of Image: abt 1940
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Please translate

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On  Response 
7/11/2016 9:38 AM Zwickler Izak - Austrian disabled veteran.
Zwickler Ester (wife)
Janina (daughter)
Augusta Leonora (daughter)
Samuel (son, 13 years old)
3/8 Izaka St, Cracow
Request for deferral of resettlement

To the head of the Cracow District, the Resettlement Office in Cracow.

The undersigned Austrian disabled veteran Zwickler Izak, residing at 3/8 Izaka St, Cracow, obtained an order to report to the resettlement camp with his family on 17 Feb. 1941 for the purpose of resettlement.
Given that carrying out this order in these difficult times would be a major disaster for me, I take the liberty to put forward my humblest request regarding the deferral of the resettlement for me and my family for the following reasons:
I am a day labourer by occupation, however, because of my severe pulmonary disease and my open would at my right hallux I have been bedridden for some time, such that a transport in this state would be completely impossible for me.
Apart from this, my wife Ester, who is a seamstress by profession, has obtained many commissions from customers, which have not yet been completed to date, thus leading to a great financial loss. My daughter Augusta Leonora is a girdle maker who also has not completed her work yet, such that she has also to finish her work, which would lead to a great financial loss, too. My daughter Janina is doing all the work in the household and her presence is therefore indispensable, as is evident from this request. In fact, my wife and my daughter Auguste Leonora are supporting [the family].
I therefore ask for a gracious instruction that the medical officer examines the state of my illness and issues an official medical certificate that will in fact confirm the above.
For this reason I ask to graciously and exceptionally take into account my request in this sense that I, together with my wife and my two daughters and my only son (13 years old) be temporarily exempted from resettlement.
4 attachments.
Cracow, the 14th of February 1941.
Zwickler Izok
7/12/2016 3:09 AM Correction: "open would" has to be "open wound" in the second paragraph!
Fritz Neubauer

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