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Submitted by Amoz Chernoff

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Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 7/3/2016 8:35 PM
Family Surname: Itzchak ben-zvi
Country: Israel
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Is this a dedication to the author by I. ben-zvi, president of Israel? Author of book "The Exiled and Redeemed" by Howard Mesirow.

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7/4/2016 1:06 AM Hello Amoz,

This is what I can decipher for you...

To honor
(???) Howard Mesirotz
with a blessing.

It appears that the signature could be Y. Ben Tzvi.

7/5/2016 3:04 AM Just by looking at it, all I can say is that it COULD be Y or I Ben-Zvi. However, I went a little further and found a website of Israeli leaders' signatures -- and it certainly looks very much like Yitzhak Ben-Zvi's signature there!

To see it, go to:

It's all in Hebrew but scroll down until you find him -- he's after David Ben-Gurion.

He also signed Israel's declaration of independence in 1948, if you want to check that.
7/5/2016 9:22 AM Three points:

1) The above commenter gave a link to an Israeli website that shows a signature (authenticated) of Yitschak ben-Zvi. The notes say that the signature shown, dates from 1950. You might want to check the publication year of the book in question. Ben-Zvi died in 1963, I believe.

2) I have worked with Hebrew and English manuscripts continuously over the past 2 decades. Although I do not purport to be a handwriting analyst, based on stylistic similarities I am ready to bet my boots that the author of your signature is THE Yitschak ben-Zvi who was Israel's president. Common sense question: what would be the point of having a book inscribed as being from ben-Zvi if it were not genuine, or from another person with that same name, like Yitschak ben-Zvi the plumber?

3) To amplify on the first poster's translation, a) the first Hebrew word לכבוד is an honorific that is the dynamic equivalent of "To the honorable" (as opposed to "the Honorable" as one might address a judge). That same word can also mean "in honor of", but probably not in the present context of a book dedication, which is intended to be personally directed to the receiver. b) The next Hebrew characters 'הא are a shortened form of האיש "the (gentle)man". It is a stylistic form of address used in settings such as a book dedication inscription when the signer does not really know the receiver but wishes to write some short "sweet nothing" that is polite and dignified.

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