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Submitted by Ralph N Baer

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 6/29/2016 7:55 PM
Family Surname: Klein, Baer
Country: Germany
Town: Joehlingen, Baden
Date of Image: 6 September 1825?
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The attached letter is actually the obverse of the list of names which I recently posted as Viewmate #48010. I had forgotten that the list was on the back of a letter.

The letter may not actually be in Yiddish, but rather in German using Hebrew characters, besides for the line "Innigst geliebte Schwester!" (dearly beloved sister). It was written to my great-great-grandmother Babette (Bunle) Baer nee Klein by a brother living in Jöhlingen.

It looks to me like it was written on Tuesday, 23 Elul 5585, but Babette was not yet married then.

Assuming that it is actually in German, a transliteration will be sufficient. If In Yiddish, a translation. Even a summary of what it is about will be of use.

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On  Response 
7/1/2016 2:05 AM It is in German. I'm afraid that at this time I don't have time to transcribe the entire letter. Much of it is about the end of the old year and blessings for the coming year. It also thanks the recipient (a sister as you wrote) for the gift of "Band und Schlips". It informs her that Reb Leib remained here but he is not able to write. On the side it mentions "beloved sister Breinele daughter of the honorable Seligen (deceased).
If you don't get anything better, please remind me in a couple weeks, and I might have more time to work on it.
7/1/2016 3:38 AM here is my version with a germanized spelling: (the handwriting is beautiful, both Hebrew and German, and to me it is not clear why the writer should receive writing lessons by R' Leib)

1 hier Joehlingen Dienstag 23 Ellul 5585 ...
2 Innigst geliebte Schwester

3 da wir ein Jahr zuruecklegen, und das neue antretten,
4 so halte ich es fuer eine Pflicht, dir zu gratulieren.
5 weil naemlich der heilige Tag sich heran nahet, an welchem
6 der Ewige alle Menschen nach ihrem Verdienste richtet
7 und die Bestimmung des neuen Jahrs vornimmt. Ja zittern
8 muss man, wenn man am selbigen Tag denket, ja auch die
9 Erde zittert zu selbiger Zeit; also bete ich
10 jede Stunde wo im Tage ist, dass er ... (uns?) das
11 zukuenftige Jahr, dich liebe und treue Schwester und auch
12 unsere ganze werte Familie, gesund und gluecklich erhalte,
13 bis in das spaeteste Menschenalter. Dieser Wunsch begreift
14 alle in sich. Uebrigens danke ich hoeflich fuer das
15 schoene Praesent, naemlich fuer das Band und Schlips. Auch
16 melde ich dir, dass R' Leib wieder hier geblieben. Wegen viele
17 Geschaefte aber, kann er mir keine Schreib-Stunde geben. Sonst Neuigkeiten
18 weiss ich ..... dieses Mal nicht. ... Schreiben beharre ...

the line written on the right margin downwards seems not connected:
Deine dich ewig liebende Schwester Breinle bat kvod hrr' Seligmann ... (Sch"ch?) sz"l hier Joehlingen
7/1/2016 4:45 AM maybe the names on the reverse side had to do with the memorial service on Yom Kippur "Yizkor"?
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