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Submitted by Ann Tettlebaum

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Information Picture Question
Category: Photo Identification
Approval Date: 6/12/2016 4:13 PM
Family Surname: Maybe Lazarus,Block,Grauman,Isaacs,
Country: USA
Town: Mayve Louisville
Date of Image: Unknown
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I would like to know the possible time period, type of photograph, and if this person is familiar to anyone. This portrait is approximately 20 inches by 20 inches and was in an elaborate frame with wood slab backing but no markings. It came from my grandmother's attic in Helena, Arkansas. I suspect it may have been produced in Louisville KY but am not sure. I am also posting a portrait that is presumed to be his wife. I would also like to know whether a family that came to the United States from Prussia or Germany would have brought such a large photograph with them or is it more likely it was taken in the United States.

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On  Response 
6/14/2016 5:15 AM Ann,
From the information you've provided it's almost impossible to answer the questions of where it was taken. I assume that because you've said that it "was" in an elaborate frame with a wood backing, you examined the reverse side of the print and found no markings. I can take an educated guess that neither of the two pictures is an original -- not only because of the extreme size but because of the absence of a background. The woman's hairstyle suggests it was taken ca. 1860s. The man's facial hair and coat lapels are compatible with that period although without seeing more it's difficult to say. It seems to me that someone, probably in the U.S. had small portraits of these two individuals copied and enlarged. The originals could have been small daguerreotypes or glass prints; there could have been other people and most likely a photography studio backdrop behind the subjects. No way to tell where the originals were photographed without finding the original.
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