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Submitted by Rick Luftglass

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 5/1/2016 4:22 PM
Family Surname: Treiber (Schreiber)
Country: Poland
Town: Strzeliska (Nowe?)
Date of Image: 1884
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I'd appreciate a word-for-word translation. This is the death record (metrical listing) for Chana Treiber, daughter of Seinwel/Zeinwel Treiber. I believe that Seinwel was my father's great-great grandfather, although I'm confused about this record because it seems to be for a baby Chana, which was also the name of my father's great-grandmother (also Seinwel's daugther). Maybe the translation will shed some light on it. Regardless, other words re: locations, employment, family, etc would help me connect the dots with other records.

It's from the eastern part of Galicia, now part of Ukraine. It's from the AGAD project "Strzeliska Nowe PSA AGAD Deaths 1877-93".

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5/2/2016 12:56 AM it's german
5/3/2016 4:01 PM I don't know if this will give you anything you don't already have, but here's what I could make out:
Column 2 heading: date and number of post-mortem examination and (I think) name of person performing the examination
Column 2 contents: 7th February 1889, but I can't make out the other information
Column 3 headings: Death: Time, Day, Month, Year, Place and house number
Column 3 contents: 2 (a.m., I think), 7th February 1889, Strzeliska
Column 4 headings: Burial: Day, Month, Year, Place
Column 4 contents: 9th February 1889, Strzeliska
Column 5 heading: Deceased
Column 5 contents: Chana Trieber, daughter of Seinwel Trieber, a day laborer in Strzeliska
Column 6 heading: Gender
Column 6 contents: female
Column 7 heading: Age
Column 7 contents: 6 months
Column 8 heading: Occupation (this, of course, is blank)
Column 9 heading: Illness and cause of death
Column 9 contents: (I can't make this out)
5/4/2016 7:29 PM Column 2 is written in German with mixed German-Polish spellin
[date] 7 Febr. 1844
Number of the medical examination certificate (Toddtenbeszoherzettel) N7
Totenbeschauer = medical examiner H. Stenenber

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