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Submitted by Patrick Baudoin

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 2/24/2016 4:23 PM
Family Surname: Schlesinger and Fischer
Country: Hungary
Town: Cegled
Date of Image: 1855
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It's 4 pictures of the wedding certificate(1855) from Cegled for my Ancestors Adoldf Schlesinger and July Fischer.These pictures are blurred
and I have some difficulties to read the occupation and the town (Kadluburg ?) for Adolf Schlesinger, the same under Ignatz Schlesinger(The father),
The town under July Fischer (Dobbov ?)and the occupation for Marton Fischer (Handlsmann ?)
The Family maybe came from Oroszvar and also from Dresden.
Could you help me ?
Thank You
Best regards

Patrick Baudoin

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On  Response 
2/18/2016 7:38 PM Near as I can tell, the record is in German, not Hungarian.

The German name of Visegrád was Plintenberg, which is the only -berg placename in Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun county (where Cegléd is located), but I don't think that's what it says.

For the D-something placename, the closest within the county are Alsó- (Lower-) and Felsö- (Upper-) Dabas, but again, it doesn't look like that's what it says.

Radix has alphabetical listings of all the placenames in the 1877 (Dvorzsák) Gazetteer (; if you have other information about the family, you can use that to try to narrow down the possibilities.
2/22/2016 8:40 AM The place name "Kadlsberg" is mentioned twice in this record, first in Latin characters end then in old German script. I did not find any place with this name.
The occupation "Handlsman" is a misspelling of "Handelsmann", merchant. It occurs three times in this record.
2/25/2016 7:35 PM K*berg or K*burg placenames in the Radix index to the 1877 gazetteer:

Kahlenberg or Kalenberg (Szepes)
Karlburg (Moson)
Karlsburg (Alsó-Fehér)
Kirchberg (Szeben)
Klemmberg (Sáros)
Klausenburg (Kolozs)
Kloster Marienburg (Sopron)
Königsberg (Nagy-Küküllö)
Königsberg (Vas)
Kreuzburg (Háromszék)

R*berg (no results for R*burg):

Rebenberg (Temes)
Rittberg (Temes)
Rosenberg (Liptó)
Rothberg (Szeben)
Ruskberg or Russberg (Krassó-Szörény)

C*burg (no results for C*berg):

Caroloburgum (Moson)
Charlottenburg (Temes)

I'm starting to think that it's either not actually -berg or -burg, or not actually in Hungary....

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