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Submitted by Alan Seid

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 7/17/2016 4:33 PM
Family Surname: Seidenwerk, Schildkraut
Town: Zloczów
Date of Image: 29 July 1893
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This is a birth record for Malie Seidenwerk, born 29 Jul 1893 in Zloczów. Daughter of Hersch Leib Seidenwerk and Sara Schildkraut. Please help with providing a word for word translation of row 133 from German to English. Please also provide the German text. I have a translation of the column headers.

Thank you

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On  Response 
7/19/2016 11:33 AM For the column headings, go to
1. 133
2. 29 July [1]893, [house number] 163
3. 29 July [1]893, Kleine Synagoge - Small Synagogue
4. Malie, female
5. illegitimate
6. [see column 12]
7. Sara Schildkraut
8. Witnesses H. Samuel Gruber, H. Laser Bamse, Sy[na?]gogensprecher, schames [shammes] Landun Namensfertiger Chaim Jakobi
10. H. Zirel Emrochl[?] Namensfertiger Chaim Jakobi
12. Bekenne daß ich der Vater dieses Kindes sei H. Hersch Leib Seidenwerk Namensfertiger und Zeuge Chaim Jakobi
= I declare to be the father of this child, Hersch Leib Seidenwerk, Namensfertiger and witness Chaim Jakobi
Die ELtern dieses Kindes haben in Z[??] am 7/1 1916 gesetzlich geheiratet, laut Trauungsbuch V Blatt 108 [??] 136 - The parents of this child have been legally married in Z[??] on 1 Jan. 1916, acccording to the marriage book V sheet 108 [entry?] 136.

As it is the case with most Jewish births in Galicia, the birth is deemed illegitimate if the marriage of the parents has not been registered with the civil authorities.
The abbreviation H. in front of names presumably is an abbreviation of “Herr” (Mister) (not sure about this).

Synagogensprecher (literally synagogue speaker)

“Namensfertiger” is a person signing on behalf of a person who is illiterate or only literate in Hebrew writing.

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