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Submitted by Richard Glaser

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/27/2016 3:56 PM
Family Surname: Glaser
Country: Israel
Town: Ain Charod
Date of Image: 1938 Oct 8
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This is page 2 of letter from my uncle Heinz Mordechai GLASER to my father. Heinz was in Ain Charod, having come with Youth Aliya from Austria. My father was in Lausanne, finishing up his medical degree. I would appreciate a tranlsation.

Rick Glaser
Owings Mills MD

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On  Response 
1/29/2016 3:15 AM page 2
...for training and because this is also a (military)base.
I could tell you more about armored cars but that is not so important - but I believe you are a bit more calmed down now. We are well supplied, also with radio equipment.
Five of us stay together in a stone building, it is well furnished and we sleep on palliases (made from strong canvas). Food is very good, but I couldn't tell you in short words what it consists of.
We have lessons in Iwrith and learn about Palestine and we have sichoth (- he seems to refer not only to prayers here, but also other subjects).
I know that you collect adresses and I have begun to collect them as well.
Our clothing gets cleaned every week. We have a Machsan, a magazine where our laundry is stored and where we get a stack of fresh clothing every week. That is also the room where our laundry is prepared after it's return from the washing. A young woman from Meschek works there, together with 3 of us. Every Chaver ( and every Chavera) has to work there for one month. This month it is my turn. I can mend socks, iron shirts and so on.
My duty will end soon and then I will be transferred to another branch, where I can stay for good, perhaps fruit production.
There are also girls here, many of them (unfortunately).
I am really glad, that you are well and I hope it stays that way. Many thanks for your good wishes and your advice, I will close now, for today.
Many warm greetings and kisses, sincerely, your Heinz.
I am working on a booklet about fruit tree pests and vegetable growing and I am almost done with the first subject.

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