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Submitted by Richard Glaser

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/27/2016 3:56 PM
Family Surname: Glaser
Country: Israel
Town: Ain Charod
Date of Image: 1938 Oct 8
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Page 1 of a letter from my uncle Heinz Mordechai GLASER to my father, Kurt GLASER. Heinz was in Palestine. My father was in Lausanne, completing his medical degree. This is the fourth of 9 letters that we have from Heinz. I would appreciate a translation. (This is the first page of the ltr.)

Rick Glaser
Owings Mills MD

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On  Response 
1/29/2016 12:32 AM Ain Charod, October 3, 1938.
My dear Kurtl !
I thank you many times for your letter arriving punctually on time. The actual day is already feasted. I was waked up with a bar of chocolate by my room mates. At noon we make a feast- dinner with chocolate, grape fruit [Jewish text ] and sugar. So I am completely satisfied. In the evening I will be teased. That is usual here. But I will not make it too easy for them. Bu now to your questions. I very often write to mother. I even send letters with people who drive to Tel Aviv. That mother did not have any message at the time was understandable. Namely, the post train was hold up by Arabs and the post was stolen. The English were obliged to cancel the little post offices by fear for new hold ups and therefore no post did arrive for many days from and to me, even [ ?? ] a town of 6,000 inhabitants did not have post. Now all is going better. On you conscience question I can answer you exactly. The Chaver did on 2 kilometer from here drive on a Mükesch (bomb) and been shot from a close arab village. We often hear shooting and the army often does fight an adversary of 100 persons but we do not hear it from a great distance. 1 ½ kilometer behind Ain Charod is the petrol conduit and burns now three or four times a day. But this is only because the army is on holiday. The burning of the conduit did become an evidence. We do not get nervous about it because only the English do have the damage. Ain Charod itself is neve attacked and never will be. 1. It is in a good strategic place, 2. Recently at an alarm testing was noted, that all was well organized, that is also known by the Arabs, 3. There are three large headlights, 4 shooting post and many trenches, 4. Always 120 soldiers and uncountable [Gassirim] and very guardians. Some moments 300 soldiers are here. This not because of the danger, but only, 5. There is an Arab village. This has the greatest interest that we do not be under attack, otherwise it will be in ruin the next day.

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