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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 12/13/2015 4:50 PM
Family Surname: Rubinovicz
Country: Poland
Town: Kosow Poleski
Date of Image: 2015 (doc from 1927)
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What is this document? What does the date 1913 refer to?) What's the notation after his name (Icka-Mejer Rubinovicz syn. ______) mean? What's the long handwritten section say (2-3 lines). If you are able to translate the entire document, I'd be most appreciative, but I'll take whatever you can get. Thank you!

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On  Response 
12/7/2015 8:02 AM Icek Majer RUBINOWICZ, born 1913, son of Henoch and Szejna nee PITKOWSKA

Witnesses: Szymon RYZYKOW, 58, son of Nochim and Lejb BOGODOWSKI, 54, son of Gdala
12/13/2015 12:13 AM The Municipality of Kosów Poleski.
Office of the Registrar for the residents of the Jewish faith in Kosow Poleski district No.84.
Knowledge Act No.22/27

This event took place in Kosow Poleski on day February 9,1927.

Office of the Registrar of the Kosow Poleski Municipality received a request from the management of the Kosow Poleski branch of the Society for the Protection of Jewish Orphans regarding issuance of the copy of the Birth Certificate for born in Kosow Poleski in the year 1913 orphan Icek-Meir RUBINOWICZ, son of Henoch.

Since in the Kosow Poleski vital records, that have been partially destroyed during the war, there are no records for Icek-Meir Rubinowicz, son of Henoch, I, clerk of the Registry of the Municipality of Kosow Poleski, for purpose of establishing data of birth of the above listed individual, have interrogated two credible and known to me personally witnesses, both residents of Kosow Poleski:

1. Szymon, son of Nuchim Ryzykow, age 52
2. Lejb, son of Gedali Borodowski, age 54


Both witnesses have testified that Icek-Meir RUBINOWICZ was born in Kosow Poleski in 1913 from Henoch and Szejna nee Pitkowski, married couple RUBINOWICZ.

Witnesses have known this since they both have attended child's circumcision ceremony.


Document signed on February 25, 1927 by Kosow Poleski town's Mayor and Secretary.

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