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Submitted by Walter Samuel Elias

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 11/1/2015 5:01 PM
Country: Poland
Town: Biala Podlaska
Date of Image: 1828
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Ages of bride and groom, parents' names, occupation of groom and bride. Seems to be a discrepancy between the groom's name which appears as ICKHOFF or ICKHOLF and his name in the Hebrew/Yiddish signature which is HOFFER. This is a bit of a mystery to me. Wondering if others see this and can offer a possible explanation.

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11/2/2015 12:37 AM Biala, 1828, may 19
groom: Hersz Icko (2 given names) Icek Hobf ( 2 surnames?), single dependant of parents occuped as laborer and residing in Biala, 20 y o, born in Biala, son of Aron Icek or Icko Holf (clearly 2 surnames i e Icek or Icko and Holf) and his spouse Tauba
bride: Pesia Feyga single, 18 y o, daughter of the late Herszek Przekupnik and of his living spouse residing here in Biala , occuped with resale 'nb: a przekupnik is preciseky a retailer)
in presence of Aron Icko Holf, father of Hersz Icko 2 given names Icko Holf and of Tauba Przekupnik mother of Pesia Feyga 2 given names Przekupnik
witnesses Icek Wulfowicz Eychenbaum and Fiszel Dawidowicz Faygenbaum, the first szkolnik and 61 y o the second laborer and 55 y o, both residing here
religious marriage: may 10
banns: may 4, 9 and 15

For me, there are two hereditary names, separated by a space: first: Icek or Icko; two: Holf. The first hereditary name, Icek or Icko, seem to be inspired from Icek as given name of a ancestor . Like many of his descendants have Icek as given name to, this quickly becomes incomprehensible for the vital, not for the peoples who sign correctly Holf (or Hoffer???)
11/3/2015 5:47 AM Several things:

I don't think we're talking about two surnames here. The "h" on the "second surname" (hoff/holf, hard to tell which, although on balance I think it's hoff) is not capitalized anywhere in the document. I think the clerk just left a large space between the Ick/Ich (hard to tell which it is) and the hoff/holf. There is a similar large space in the name of the witness Faygenbaum between the n and the b. So I think the surname the Polish clerk was writing was Ichhoff or Ickhoff or Ickkoff.

Meanwhile, the Yiddish gives the groom's name clearly as Itzik Hersh Hoffer, although it's quite possible that the "reish" at the end is meant to be a "pei", and therefore the name would be Hoff. The father's name in Yiddish is clearly Aharon Itzhof.

We know they weren't very careful about consistency in those days, and surnames were rather fluid. So to conclude: I suspect that the variations written by the Polish clerk and the Yiddish witnesses are probably just an early form or a misrepresentation of the surname Ickow (pronounced Itzkov). If you search JRI-Poland, you'll find an Ihow who died in 1831 and an Ickow born in 1833 in Biala Podlaska -- these may be relatives.

Hope the above helps!

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