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Submitted by Alan Knecht

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 10/7/2015 4:12 PM
Family Surname: Knecht
Country: Poland
Town: Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki
Date of Image: 1931
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Looking for a complete and detailed translation. I can make out most of the basic facts, names, dates but want to know if there is a reference to the father of Chana Ruchla or why the birth was registered several years later.

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On  Response 
10/9/2015 11:57 AM This happened in the town of Nowy Dworz in the magistrate office on the 25th June in the year of 1931 at 12AM .
In front of the employee of the Civil State office for non-Christian religions, came Chaja Knecht, worker, 35 years old, residing permanently in nowy Dwor, in presence of the rabbi of our town Rubin Lejb Neufeld and 2 witnesses: Aron Zalcman, butcher, age 52 and Hersz Baum,tradesman, aged 52 residing in Nowy Dwor, and showed us a female child et declared that this child was born in Nowy Dwor on the 10th of October 1919 at 4PM , born of her and an unknown father.The child was named Chana Ruchla at it's religious presentation.The child was nor registered at the time of it's birth because of the sickness and carelessness of the mother.
This act was read in her presence by the employee and signed accordingly to the law.The mother is illiterate. In line 17 we indicated "her" and crossed "and wife"- father. Mother illiterate-Following are the signatures of the employee, the rabbi and the witnesses.

Hope that helps. What a lovely document, I have not often seen one so clearly written in such a beautiful and decipherable handwriting.
May I ask how you obtained such a document? I have so far not yet obtained any such document of my family members
best regards Barbara
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