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Submitted by Jeffrey Mark Knisbacher

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 8/23/2015 4:01 PM
Family Surname: Banner/Bonner/Knisbacher
Country: Germany
Town: Maybe Berlin
Date of Image: March, 1917
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On this horizontal view of the postcard I am interested to know what comes after Linz on the next to last line, right side, and what it says at the very top right side. Apparently Baner or Boner is repeated but I can't read the other stuff.

It appears that this was sent by my grandfsther, Isak Moses Knisbacher (for whom I am named) to his brother Hermann who went by his mother's maternal name of Banner/Bonner (which is it?), who was serving in the Austrian army in Linz before and during WWI. The card and an accompanying note were sent me over 15 years ago by Hermann's daughter Dina, since deceased. She referred to my grandfather as Issac Bonner/Banner (agin, unclear which, even in her note.)

This appears to have two cancellations, the first outgoing from Berlin, the second incoming to Linz. Since there is no postage stamp attached, it suggests to me that my grandfather was also in the army at the time (the German army), Germany and Austria-Hungary being allies.

Jeff Knisbacher

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On  Response 
8/23/2015 9:37 PM Linz a / Donau (i.e. on the Danube)
8/24/2015 3:29 AM the two first top right lines are difficult to read, but seem to contain important information.
I read:
Abs. ... Inft. Baner = sender infantrist Baner [maybe in the cut off part above was a short line above the 'n' in Baner, which would indicate double 'n'];
Lazarett Berlin? = military hospital Berlin;

the address field seems to read:
Infantrist H. Banner
8/24/2015 5:12 AM Postlagernd is a postoffice-adress...
8/24/2015 2:41 PM It looks far more like Bonner to me. All the a's are very rounded, and the letters in the name are more angula.

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